Chiso Zanmai: The Return


No, I’m not a food blog yet. I just wanted to share some pictures from when I went to Chiso Zanmai for lunch with my friendsnekoIt’s my second time going there to eat—the first time was for my school assignment (the one about cheap buffet places, hoho).

Photo 19-3-14 6 54 17 pm

This was my plate this time; there were new items like okonomiyaki and corn croquetteshappyI wanted to try more different things, but I couldn’t ignore the takoyaki so I took it again. And the green tea tofu.

Photo 21-3-14 10 55 31 pm

My beloved currygirlI wanted to eat it with rice but I didn’t want to be too full so went without.

Photo 21-3-14 10 49 50 pm

It’s a croquette mountain. I love croquetteslove rabbitWhen I first went around the plate was empty so I was disappointed, but then when I passed by again it was filled! Magic. Or maybe the chef just cooked a fresh batch. And there were so many of them! But I only took one. (I am now accepting congratulatory messages, thank you)

I tried to keep the main dishes to the minimum…

Photo 19-3-14 6 58 02 pm

Desserts! Desserts! Otherwise known as the priority.

Most of them were still the same as the last time I went, but there were some that I’d never tried before like the sweet potato pudding and strawberry swiss roll. So of course I ate them (all)love girl


Photo 19-3-14 7 13 29 pm

This was really interesting! Matcha egg tartnekoAlthough think I was the only one who enjoyed it, because my friends aren’t crazy about the green tea flavour. But I thought it was delicious. Egg tarts have the best combination of flaky crust and soft puddingheartThe green-ness of it just made it stand out even more.

Photo 19-3-14 2 07 00 pm

Standard mochineko

Photo 21-3-14 11 42 03 pm

And its cross-section.


I had a good time at Chiso Zanmai againkirakiraFor such a good price, there’s a lot of food and nice ambience too. We got a table overlooking the river this time, so at least there was something else to look at besides the food.

Photo 21-3-14 10 52 55 pm

Next time I’ll blog about something other than food for a changeneko

See you next post!



1 Response to “Chiso Zanmai: The Return”

  1. 1 Paul March 22, 2014 at 1:20 AM

    The enjoyments of Singaporean cuisine diversity, blessed with so much choice!

    Hardly surprising you need good willpower when dining.

    The restaurant encompasses a good relaxing ambience; nice you managed to secure good window seats overlooking the lovely scenic view of the Singapore river.

    I looked at the on-line reviews and it seems to score well with value-for-money.

    Your face must illuminate like a scene from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ when presented with so many indulgences ~ Must be paradise for you. Haha!

    It’s nice you have these opportunities to explore so many different foods and revisit favourites.

    Overconsumption can be balanced out with dancing exercises ~ I’m sure. Perhaps a new video?

    You’ve had an eventful week!

    Quality time with your friends and of course your *new dance video performance* of ℃-ute’s ‘Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita’.

    Which unquestionable is simply amazing ~ And I know you’re very proud of ~ And so you should be!

    It’s wonderfully energetic, beautifully poised and graced with your lovely radiant smile!

    Your Spring coordinates reflect well your demure for natural, simple, stylish, Japanese casual fashion and compliment you well.

    Lovely to speak with you again, stay safe. Anticipate the next entry.


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