Pizza and Slappy Cakes!


This week I ate a lot again! But that’s because I was spending time with my friends (social eating is sort of justifiable).

Photo 12-3-14 9 33 01 pm

Pizza. When was the last time I even ate this stuff? Years ago, maybe.

My friends came to my place and we ordered pizza delivery. We didn’t know much about the portions so a personal size pizza came, and it turned out to be a bit small (as pictured). Which we probably should’ve guessed, considering it’s called personal size. But. The pizza came with deal coupons! So we ordered one more, and garlic bread too because there was a free promotion.

Photo 12-3-14 10 00 49 pm

The outcome: impromptu pizza party. Yaylove girl


And then on Thursday (yesterday, actually) I went to eat pancakes with my friends from school! We ate at Slappy Cakes, which is that place where you make your own pancakes on a griddle at the table. I’ve always wanted to goLoveBecause I love pancakes but I always get stressed when I try to make my own from scratch and the batter turns out to be this unpromising liquid that can’t be flipped and dribbles everywhere instead.

The solution is then to go to Slappy Cakes and use their pre-made batter. You’ll get all the satisfaction and more because there’s little to no chance of error. I’m not saying they’re better than the ones made from scratch though! It’s only because I lack the pancake-making talent and a functional spatula.

Photo 14-3-14 9 57 12 pm

This is the set-up! We ordered two flavours of batter—chocolate and buttermilk—and a bunch of toppings that came in these cute things that looked like Aladdin’s magic lamps. Make a wish for nicer pancakes.

Photo 14-3-14 10 11 28 pm

It workedneko

They were so easy to make I didn’t have to worry about messing anything up. It was just like painting on a canvas, except these paintings could be eaten and tasted good too.

Photo 14-3-14 10 21 13 pm

Initially I wanted to plate everything nicely so I could take pictures but after a while it became evident I was only piling up a motley collection of oddly shaped pancakes. There were animals and flowers and words and even a certain teenage male singer in the mix.

Photo 14-3-14 10 29 55 pm

No, don’t guess whohmm

My creativity mostly went as far as all the cute animals I could think of. I drew lots of bears and cats and various domestic animals, but one of my favourites was a bear I drewbearIt was the only one that had a recognisable face. The ears went a bit lopsided though, so it became a bit of a bear-rabbit hybrid.

Photo 14-3-14 10 38 00 pm

Photo 14-3-14 10 43 11 pm

These are just some of the ones that we made! It was great sitting at the table and doing it ourselveshappyThere’re lots of pictures of vaguely shaped pancakes in my phone to prove it. And I’d actually wondered if I should bring my camera out, but in the end I decided it’d just get in the way. I’d probably end up cooking it together with the pancakes.

Anyway. So I finally got to go to Slappy Cakes!

I’m thankful for my friendsheart

the end


2 Responses to “Pizza and Slappy Cakes!”

  1. 1 Paul March 15, 2014 at 12:29 AM

    Hi Miu,

    Looks like you’ve been having lots of fun lately! Joy to read.

    I thought the photo with ‘garlic bread’ was cake and you were making home-made pancakes called ‘Slappy Cakes’ ~ whoops! Me lost in translation; again. *sigh*

    Pre-made batter sounds awesome, a lot less hassle, certainly allows for more creativity!

    Makes eating them that bit more enjoyable, being personalised.

    I like your recent Ameba entries, delight to anticipate what activities you care to share.

    Great to see you making the most of the holidays, exploring Japanese fashion coordinates, foods and photography. Exciting.

    Look forward to future updates.

    • 2 Miu March 17, 2014 at 4:55 PM

      Hello! Thank you for your comment (゚^ω^゚)゚
      The pancake place was fun ♪

      I’m glad you enjoy the blog posts! I’ll update regularly, so please feel free to come back and read them~

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