Homemade Bars ☆


And how has the week been? I’ve been waking up and taking pictures of random things around the house. Getting my photo kick early in the morning or something like that.

Photo 1-3-14 9 04 00 am Photo 3-3-14 9 13 56 am Photo 2-3-14 8 12 28 am

I really didn’t do much during the week, actually. Downtimehmm But I did do useful things once in a while! Like these bars. I made themkira kiraAnd they actually tasted good! They were just like the ones I brought to school everyday (Larabars and all that).

Photo 3-3-14 5 02 15 pm

Describing them in a few words…

kiraEvidence of my productivity despite my vacation-borne tendency to idle around

They were easy to make—the recipe’s essentially just blending the ingredients together into a tight mush and shaping them into bars. And there were only a few of those ingredients—a cup of dates, one third cup of nuts (I used macadamia) and a sprinkle of coconut flakes. The macadamia nuts were rolled around in a bit of honey to make it sweetergirlThat’s all! I just had to throw everything into the food processor.

There was a chunk that got left out because it was too small to turn into a bar, so I made it into a cookie. And then I thought that I should just make them all into cookies the next time.

Photo 3-3-14 7 25 15 pm

Because it was so goodcry

I mean, of course it tasted the same. But there’s just something about eating food in small circular form. They magically become better. The rest was just as nice too though! So I successfully made my own bars (and cookie)alpaca

Now I think I’ve figured out how to do a raw cheesecake, using the same ingredients as the bars’ for the crust. But I’m not entirely sure about the actual cheese part so I’m just going to look at some recipeshanaIt’s probably safer than to try being inventive on my own.

But I’ll get there, eventuallyalpaca


Anyway, here’s a picture of my lunch today.

Photo 7-3-14 3 30 37 pm

I made it myself toolove girlOkay—scrambling a bunch of eggs is easy and the pesto wasn’t anything complicated. I wouldn’t say I’m on my way to getting a Michelin star, but it’s a start.


P.S. I made these new greeting pixels! I drew them on paper and then scanned them in and made them jiggle about so they’d be less boring.


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