Chinese New Year ✿



The Chinese New Year is technically fifteen days long, but it’s long stopped being a holiday for us students. It’s the second last week of the entire semester and that means the final projects and exams are coming at us like a steamroller.


But I still had a good break during the New Year weekendnekoThere was a spring cleaning as usual, so it was refreshing to have my home all cleaned up for the first time in a while.


While I cleaned up my room all my little friends moved up to my bookshelf. They needed to get out of the way while I tidied.

When all that was done (and it took a long time), we could properly relaxrabbitTruthfully, I love the Chinese New Year season because that’s when my whole family’s at home, rather than the actual traditions and stuff. Not that those aren’t cool, but I’m just grateful to get time off with my parents and brother for once. Everyone’s always so busy!

Of course we do have to do a lot of visiting, but that’s usually all on the first day. By the second day, we usually just stay at home and do nothinghappyAlthough this year we went out for dinner near our house too.

2014-02-04 17.42.57

New Year dinners are usually pretty special. There’re lots of meats and veggies and noodles and stuff that we usually eat only once a year. And lohei is this big salad with sauces and fish and crackers that everyone tosses together. Every year I do it with my extended family, so you get almost all twenty of us crowding over the table and mixing up the ingredients. Since young I’ve only liked eating the crackers, but somehow I’ve started liking the rest of the salad. Maybe this is my taste buds growing up with me?

My family also had lohei as just the four of us for the first timegirl tongue

2014-02-04 12.24.27

But I still love the crackers best.

The fourth day was a Monday so the break was over for me and I went back to school as usualcryMy dad declared another day off at the office so his colleagues came to our house for another holiday lol. But when I came home from school there was leftover sushi from the gathering waiting for meLove

Photo 4-2-14 12 24 58 am

Of course I only ate a few.


Christmas is over, both New Years are over—the festive seasons have all wrapped up. But I’m not that sorry to see them go…because school vacation is starting soonloveI’ll be done with my second year of school by the end of the month!

See You Have a Nice Day



2 Responses to “Chinese New Year ✿”

  1. 1 lmjapan February 17, 2014 at 8:00 AM

    I never knew Chinese New Year was so long, I always thought it was just that one day lol! Since I’m Japanese we never celebrated it when I was growing up and I was jealous of all the feasts my Chinese friends would eat. (And, of course, all the red envelopes they would get haha). That platter of sushi is so adorably arranged, I love it! What are the rolls with the red rice? It looks like egg or pickled radish in the middle.

    • 2 Miu February 17, 2014 at 10:06 AM

      Yes it’s actually really long! But the main festivities are on the first few days (^-^) I still get red packets here and there throughout though hehe.

      Those rolls are actually white rice, but with fish roe in it~ The yellow bit in the middle is egg!

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