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Last week I received souvenirs from several people! It seems like a lot of my friends went somewhere during the short vacation. I ended having something of a present exchange with my friends and I giving each other little souvenirs. I didn’t go anywhere, but I gave cookies and New Year greeting notescookie


Bon got me personalised Peter Rabbit chocolates from London! This one’s actually just one piece out of a whole set with my name spelled out in chocolate squares, but they’re too cute that I don’t want to eat them all yetShy


Nameko biscuits from Esther who went to TaiwanloveShe gave me other small treats too—Taiwan always strikes me as a place with lots of really good snacks (my kind of place).


Gillian, Jialing and Nigel at school gave these to me! Thank youhappyI received a lot of alpaca-related things. My friends know me well.


My teacher went back to his hometown in Japan for the new year, and he brought these Kansai souvenirs back. Raccoon manjuu and okonomiyaki-flavoured senbei, which were both very tasty.


Ju Eun also brought me back presents from her two weeks in KoreagirlShe got me this lovely black dress but I can’t post a picture until I wear some leggings underneath because it’s a really short dress (although I sent her a picture privately lol).

So here’s some pictures of when we went to eat dinner insteadbear


We had our beloved curry.


We had a fun time catching up and talking lotsshyIt was a good thing we managed to meet up last week, because this week’s going to be even more hectic. I’m still doing my countdown to the next vacation! It’s not that I don’t like school or anything—quite the contrary—but I feel better when I think about finishing the school semester quickly.

I should get on with my assignmentcry

Before that, I’m just going to drop this here…

It’s my cover of Morning Musume’s “What is LOVE?”. Morning Musume ’14, I mean.

See you next post!



3 Responses to “Souvenirs”

  1. 1 summerlovefire January 12, 2014 at 11:31 PM

    Reblogged this on Wordsmith Factory and commented:

  2. 2 lmjapan January 20, 2014 at 6:55 AM

    Your Peter Rabbit chocolates are adorable! It’s so funny because I just bought a Peter Rabbit calendar, I love the illustrations. You are so right, Taiwan has some great snacks. My sister-in-law is originally from there and she and my brother go almost every year and brings us back stuff. Ah, curry, I just had some yesterday but seeing your picture already makes me want it again lol. I have to admit I’ve never had it with fried gyoza, looks delicious!

    • 3 Miu January 20, 2014 at 7:03 PM

      Peter Rabbit is so sweet, it reminds me of childhood (*´ω`*)
      I think Taiwan has one of the hugest varieties of food! That’s so awesome that you get souvenirs from your sister-in-law.
      It was my first time eating curry with gyoza too, I wanted to try it! It tasted amazing ♡

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