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Last week it rained a lot—almost everyday. The good part of course, is the cold weather! But it also means getting wet when I’m outside. Staying home sounds like a nice idea most of the time.

My tests ended yesterdayhappyI’m off school from now until the end of the year, though there’ll still be assignments to do (and I actually have class on New Year’s Eve). Even so, I’m set on having my free time while it’s given to me.

By the way, watching cooking videos are one of my guilty pleasuresgirlI especially love the ones by ochikeron and runnyrunny999.


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Yesterday’s outfit was more dressy than usual! Literally, with a dress. I went for a test at a company, so I tried to wear something more mature. But I don’t know, do check dresses make me look more grown up or like Dorothy of Oz? I triedhmm


On one of the mornings my dad and I ate breakfastkira kiraHis office is near my school, so we dropped by the canteen to eat before going for class and work. We had kaya toast, and coffee and soft boiled eggs for my dad. He likes old school breakfasts (because he is old school himself). And so do I! I still don’t like coffee, but I love kaya toast to bits yum. My dad and I never eat together as just the two of us, so it was fun talking with him in the early morningsmile

Kueh Tu Tu

More cheap local nom nomsRabbitThis time it’s a box of kueh tutu I shared with my mom. It seems like there are more kinds of fillings nowadays, but I always like coconut the best.

Mr. Bean

Continuing my One Bite series after so long haha. Mr. Bean’s soya pancake!

Molten Chocolate Cake

And then later in the week, an exotic cake appearsdiet nekoMy brother brought my family out to eat and this was the dessert. A (very molten) lava cake with chocolate on the inside waiting to ooze out. All four of us shared it so by the time I was done taking pictures it was already a big chocolatey mess. But it was deliciousgood


Enough food, here’s an irrelevant collagenekoThe stamps are all from the Japanese illustrator Ricco’s photo editing app! I had a lot of fun with them.


That’s all for today’s post, thank you for readingneko



2 Responses to “Weekly Slice”

  1. 1 lmjapan December 13, 2013 at 2:15 AM

    Thanks for posting the links to your favorite cooking shows, I especially loved the ochikeron one. Such cute recipes! Unfortunately, I’m not much of a cook so M and I just eat out most of the time. But lately, I’ve been thinking that I really need to start making more of an effort around the kitchen.

    Love the dress, especially how you paired it with the long cardigan. It’s funny, I have a number of dresses in my wardrobe but I always feel too dressed up when I wear them. So some even have the price tags still hanging on them and they’re already a couple years old. But now that it’s XMAS time, I think it’s OK to get a little fancy lol.

    Mmmm, I always love seeing all your tasty eats! Somehow I always skip breakfast in the mornings so yours looks so good. I’d never heard of kaya toast before so I looked it up. Wow, never knew it was the big thing in Singapore, I’ll have to try it when I get over there someday. But I’m not too fond of coconut, is the taste strong? And I’m so jealous of your molten lava cake. I have never had a good one, it’s always overcooked and the lava is just more like sludge.

    • 2 Miu December 13, 2013 at 11:55 AM

      You’re welcome! I don’t cook much either (my mom does it all haha) but I’m just really fascinated with watching them cook (*゚▽゚*) Ochikeron really does have a lot of adorable recipes that look so fun to do, so I want to try them out one day too.

      Thank you! Dresses will always have that formal feel to them, I guess. I’m always used to wearing shorts and skirts at the most, so it feels like they should only be saved for fancy occasions. But it’s fun to wear them once in a while!

      I usually just have juice for breakfast, so this was a rare treat. But most people in Singapore have breakfast like this, so you can get them cheap almost everywhere.

      The coconut taste in kaya isn’t strong, so I think the taste is mostly brought out by the overall sweetness. If you don’t like coconut, pandan flavoured kaya jam would be good! I really recommend kaya toast because the toast itself plus butter tastes amazing as well, so I hope one day you can try a little bit if you come here (*´ω`*)

      Lava cake is hard to get right, but a well done one is absolutely divine!

      Thank you for your comments as always~

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