Coordinates ☆


Welcome, December!

I love this month and the sentiments that come with the end of the year. It gives me the image of sipping toasty hot chocolate with lots of snow falling outside (even though it’s really just all rain here). This month I have a two week break at Christmas so I’m looking forward to it lots!

Anyway, today’s post is just about my recent coordinatespandaSince most of my classes are in the cold studio at school I tend to wear thicker clothes than usual. It’s my beloved sweater weather everyday in school—and sometimes sweaters aren’t even enough! Which is a bit of a problem because it’s hot outside and freezing inside.


Leggings to battle the cold! I’m a shorts kind of person, but some days I give in and wear leggings underneath as a compromise. These are the ones I got in Hokkaido with the cute owl on it.


Cardigans are comforthappy


It’s Minnie on my t-shirtminnieThis made me look really bright I think, thanks to the hoodie. It was practically illuminated. Also, I got this at a really good sale! Uniqlo was selling this at really high price a long time ago, but during the sales it was cut down to about ten dollars.


Finally got to wore the skirt I bought in Harajuku! It’s inspired from INGNI, which is another one of my favourite brands. They were a bit of a trend when I was there so almost every shop in Takeshita-dori were selling this skirt.

Photo 8

Those black shoes have appeared three times in a row…they’re just really good for wearing with anything.


My heavy rotationneko


Apart from my shoes I try to be as creative as I can, reallycryAnd I’m looking around for more sweaters this holiday because I figure I should take advantage of my studio’s cold climate while I can.

Well then—time to get back to my workneko


see you


2 Responses to “Coordinates ☆”

  1. 1 lmjapan December 5, 2013 at 10:01 AM

    Right when I read your first paragraph I thought, “I want hot chocolate!” LOL. It never snows here either (thank goodness!) and so far, not much rain. Does it rain a lot in Singapore?

    Your outfits are so cute! I’m just like you, I have a pair of black ankle boots that I’ve really been stuck on as of late because they go so great with everything. And I love leggings, I always wear them with oversized sweaters and cardigans. It must be pretty warm in Singapore in the winter if you can still wear shorts in December. I envy you!

    • 2 Miu December 5, 2013 at 5:37 PM

      Singapore only has summer the whole year round, so even in December it can still be hot! But we do get a lot of rain this time of the year, so it gets a bit colder.

      Thank you~ I love the sweater/leggings combination! They’re so comfortable and casual that it’s good to wear in almost any.occasion (^o^) Black boots are definitely a staple haha.

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