☆ Hokkaido: Sapporo → Asahikawa



Day 4—good morning Sapporo! The weather started to get cold that day. It drizzled, then it rained, and then later on we heard it was starting to snow in Asahikawa (where we were going). But it was still going to be a great day!

Sweet Potato

I had a small breakfast of sweet potato and kurumi mochi.

Kurumi Mochi

We wanted to get an early start, so after checking out of the hotel we went straight to the Shiroi Koibito Park! It was on the way to Asahikawa, but I knew that I definitely wanted to visit the factory first. It’s Shiroi Koibito, after all—I couldn’t leave Sapporo without having a taste of the famous cookies at the very place they’re madegirl

Shiroi Koibito Factory

There were a lot of visitors even though it was raining at that time. The park was still beautiful with all the rain, but unfortunately I couldn’t take nice pictures of the gardens because it was a lot of trouble balancing my umbrella and camera and the rest of my stuff. Speaking of the umbrellas, they were borrowed from the parkumbrellaThey had a lot around for visitors to use when walking from one building to another, which I thought was nice of them.

Shiroi Koibito Factory

Got our factory tickets! They came with a Shiroi Koibito cookie for each personheheIn the factory we got to see the production line. It was cool seeing the cookies being rolled out on long conveyor belts and being put together layer by layer. If I were working there I’d be so tempted to just eat the discarded oneshurhur

Shiroi Koibito Park

Shiroi Koibito Ice Cream

I tried Shiroi Koibito ice cream at the souvenir shopgirlIt’s like a tastier version of vanilla. Also, soft cream is probably my favourite kind of ice cream so I loved it even more. There were a lot of other sweet souvenirs but I didn’t have time for a proper looknekoAlthough I think most of them (if not all) can be found at the airport anyway.

We set off again at noonneko

My dad had managed to rent a car, so the plan was to drive to Asahikawa. Before we started the two-hour journey we stopped for lunch at a small steak restaurant on the outskirts of Sapporo! I’m not really a meat person, so I had the salad bar meal where I could help myself to any of the a la carte dishes there. Curry and rice were included tooheart

Second Curry Rice

And then off we drove to AsahikawaCar

Hokkaido Drive

I’m so glad we got to drive, because the scenery while on the Hokkaido roads are the best. Blue skies and wide open spaces! There were mountains everywhere too.  The highlight of the day was probably the driveHappy

Compared to the other places I’d been to, Asahikawa was quieter and more residential. It was that time between seasons where many tourist spots weren’t open—the summer activities had just ended and winter hadn’t quite arrived yet. But I still enjoyed the city a lotLoveEspecially the ramen.

The ramen.


This was from Santouka Ramen! The hotel staff said they were number one in town. Since it was just down the street we went down for dinner and tried both miso and shoyu ramenkira

Also, I was kind of full that night because I actually had a mini dinner before the ramen. I stayed in Toyoko Inn, which is a business hotel chain that’s known for its tidy, no-frills quality. They served dinner for free a few times a week (and breakfast every morning). On that day they had curry rice so I had to have a little bitShy

Curry Rice

I realise that I ate curry rice a lot during this trip. I just really like it haha.

It was like eating a school meal—everyone (mostly businessmen in their suits) lined up in front of the counter and the serving lady would scoop out the rice and curry for each person. And then we’d get our own pickles for the curry, and sit down at a table in the lobby to eat. I thought that was cute of the hotel to give its guests meals, especially something as homey as curry rice.

Asahikawa gave me lots of pleasant memories ♪ I didn’t even mind the rain much. That was the day it started getting really cold.

That’s all for that day! It was near the end of our Hokkaido journeyhmmBut I still spent time in Asahikawa, Furano and Biei on the last day, so I’m going to enjoy writing about it.

see you



5 Responses to “☆ Hokkaido: Sapporo → Asahikawa”

  1. 1 lmjapan November 14, 2013 at 9:38 PM

    I get so happy when I see a new post from you, reading one is like reliving my Japan trip! Like you, I ate a lot of curry on this last trip. I didn’t plan it that way but when I was showing friends/family pictures of our trip, they all said, “Wow, you sure ate a lot of curry!”

    We also went to Shiroi Koibito! But we didn’t have time to do the factory tour, we only got to eat the soft cream and buy cookie souvenirs for our relatives.

    You’re so lucky that your family had a car to drive around in, what a great way to get around and see the sights! We’ve never really considered renting a car, because the steering wheel is opposite of how it is in America. As is the side of the road that we normally drive on. I’m too afraid we would get in a car accident!

    Oooh, your Santouka Ramen looked so good! There’s a number of Santouka Ramen shops here in America and luckily one is only 10 minutes away from me. It’s one of the most popular ramen shops in Southern CA, I would’ve loved to try the original.

    • 2 Miu November 15, 2013 at 3:09 PM

      Thank you so much! Your comments encourage me a lot (*´∀`*)
      Yay, join the curry club haha. It was too delicious and affordable not to keep eating!

      I think going to Shiroi Koibito is good enough for all the souvenirs and beautiful scenery the buildings themselves have (^-^)/

      I understand, different driving sides might be tricky 😦 If you have a chance to go in the summer when it’s not snowy/slippery maybe you could try driving! Lots of empty (or at least not crowded) roads so you can drive at your own pace~ It’s a difference from taking the usual trains, though I still love taking them.

      That’s cool, didn’t know Santouka Ramen had overseas branches! The ramen was amazing, I’m not good at differentiating ramen in Japan but my dad said it was the best he’d eaten there. It was delicious~

      • 3 lmjapan November 17, 2013 at 6:19 PM

        I was planning on writing my next post about ekiben but because of your last post I’m now in the mood to write about curry! I’ve been craving that and Santouka ramen for the last couple of days!

      • 4 Miu November 17, 2013 at 8:42 PM

        Ooh ekiben would be so great too though! Now I’m craving it xD Looking forward to either of your posts~

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