☆ Hokkaido: Otaru → Sapporo


On to the third day!

I’m updating kind of slowlysweat

Otaru Breakfast

This was breakfast at the hotel! Another big meal with a fancy arrangement; there were so many different things but everything tasted great together. I adore Japanese breakfasts (though the average one probably isn’t this huge haha).

After breakfast we had to check out, but before that we explored the hotel ground because it was too beautiful not to take pictures.

Neuschloss Sea

The sea was right below!


My brother and I went on a photo-taking spree again. The wind was really strong up there!

Once we checked out we headed downtown to explore the streets againhappy nekoThings are bustling in the morning too. We found the sushi street, where it was lined up with sushi restaurants and more sushi restaurants.

Otaru Sushi Street

Giant Sushi

So of course, we had sushi for lunch.

Sushi Board

Tamago Sushi


Just look at that freshness.

The restaurant we went to was a small joint with only two tables and a counter, so we sat near the kitchen with the chef chopping up the seafood in front of usyeyHe was really friendly, talking and showing us the fish that he was preparing. This kind of restaurant is just what vacations are about, I think, because I adored the cosy local setting.

By the time lunch was over, it was about time to leave OtarucryBut not without getting the souvenirs that I’d wanted since a long time!

Maron Coron

Marron CoronloveIt’s a thick cookie with three layers, and coated in the sides with chocolate cream. If LeTAO had the nicest cheesecake I’d ever eaten, this is also easily the best cookies I’ve had. I’d wanted to eat them for a long time, so I bought four different flavours of cookies—strawberry, almond, walnut and cocoa.

Once I’d gotten that, it was off to Sapporosheep

Otaru Sea

I was eating Marron Coron in the train while looking out at the sea and it felt like being in a Ghibli movie or something haha.

We arrived in Sapporo an hour and a half later! There was still time before dinner so we explored the neighbourhood our hotel was in and ended up walking the entire Tanuki Koji shopping arcade. It’s a ten block long street lined with lots of different shops, so it was fun to look at the variety of food and souvenirspanda

For dinner we went to a place in Tanuki koji where you could grill your own meat. We met more friendly waiters there! When one of them twigged that we were foreigners, she started chatting with us a lot throughout the meal.

The most interesting food there was the potato mochi. I’d never seen or heard of it before, but it sounded yummy so I tried it. And it was even better than I’d expectedlove

Potato Mochi

Look at that. It’s squishyyy.

When I look back at my trip I think this was one of my favouritesheartBecause I love potato and mochi and when both of them are cooked together in one spongy patty it’s a clear winner for me.

It was getting pretty late so we headed back to the hotel. My dad and my brother went out again for a night jaunt, but my mom and I stayed behind and wrapped up the day with the TV. That is, we watched Chinen’s new dramahappy

Chinen Yuri

And that’s all for that day!

The next day we headed to Asahikawa, so please come back to read about itneko




10 Responses to “☆ Hokkaido: Otaru → Sapporo”

  1. 1 lmjapan November 10, 2013 at 3:52 PM

    I just love all the little icons you decorate your pictures with, so adorable and they always bring a smile to my face. I wish I’d known about those Marron Coron cookies before I went to Otaru, they look delicious!

    Did the potato mochi also have cheese in it? Either way it looks sooooo good, I just love that mochi texture!

    Can’t wait to read your upcoming blog on Asahikawa!

    • 2 Miu November 10, 2013 at 10:11 PM

      Thank you always ♡
      Marron Coron is so good~ Hope you can look out for it if you go there again! New Chitose Airport has it as well.

      I’m not sure, I don’t remember there being cheese…it tasted amazing, anyway 😀 Potato and mochi together is one of the most delicious things ever~

  2. 3 Skyblueess November 15, 2013 at 9:44 PM

    Erm… Can i ask how did you add those cute icons? Did you use any apps for it??

  3. 6 Skyblueess November 18, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    Erm… Sorry for asking a question again… Where did you get those cute wordings and stickers on the photo? is it SNAPEEEE???

  4. 9 Thanh Ngọc March 27, 2015 at 12:33 AM

    What the mane of restaurant you stay ?? ( This restaurant where have the cute breakfast ) thanks 😡

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