☆ Hokkaido: Jozankei → Otaru

good morning

The next day we went to Otaru, but spent the morning in Jozankei.

We started the day with breakfast! It was buffet-style again, and we went early to enjoy what they were serving fresh. It was mostly Japanese dishes, plus free flow of rice and breadkira kiraAnd of course the tastiest milk ever from Hokkaido cows.

Jozankei Breakfast

That’s what I ate: corn soup, scallop roe, potato salad, tamagoyaki (my favourite!), croquettes, salmon and a bun. It sounds like a long list but I really only took a little bit of eachnekoUsually I just have juice for breakfast so it was a little weird to be eating so much.

But the food was so goodkuishinbo

After breakfast we headed to the Jozankei Futami Park.

Jozankei Futami Park

All pretty trees and tweeting birdshappyThere were only a few people so it felt nice and peaceful taking a walk. Except I was lugging around my big camera, but it was still fun.

We walked until the Futami suspension bridge; it’s popular for its views of the mountain valley.

Futami Bridge

Jozankei View

My brother and I took a lot of pictures here…


It’s a good thing when both siblings are into photography. At movie-esque locations like this we become each other’s personal photographer haha.

We spent a while at the park, and then hurried back to the hotel to check out.

Next on the itinerary: Otaru!

Otaru’s a small port city right at the coast, famous for its canal attraction and fresh seafood. I thought it was a really quaint and adorable place full of characteryeyA bit of a vintage feel, maybe?

My family decided to rent bicycles to get around the main town! I’ve never cycled on a vacation before so I enjoyed exploring on wheels a lot. There were beautiful views of the sea everywhere!


Otaru Canal

Otaru Canal! It was one of the most crowded tourist spots.

For lunch we had seafood, of courseneko


Seafood rice bowl! My mom likes ikura (salmon roe) a lot, but over here it’s expensive. When I was in Hokkaido—especially Otaru—we saw it everywhere. Not just in different restaurants, but even in the bowl itself there’s so much ikura it’s almost overflowing.

Grilled Scallops

A lot of places had grilled seafood too, like these scallopslove

And then at my request we all went on a hunt for a shop I’d wanted to go to for a long time—LeTAO. It’s one of the most famous confectionary brands in Hokkaido. Its flagship store is in Otaru so I knew I wanted to try their famous cakes. The one that everyone recommended me is their number one bestseller, the Double Fromage Cheesecake! LeTAO’s so popular that there are three branches on the same street.

Oh, but we got lost trying to find the storerabbit

We did get there eventually, and managed to get my precious cake.

Double Fromage

I know it doesn’t look like much but. The double fromage cheesecake is LeTAO’s signature dessert. It has two layers of cheese—baked cream cheesecake on the inside and fluffy no-bake cheesecake on the outside. The result is one of the nicest cheesecakes I’ve ever hadhappy(It’s a good thing my family liked it too, because we cycled over an hour just for it)

Otaru Sushi

Sushi and sashimi for dinnerlove

There was a variety show playing on the restaurant’s TV so everyone was watching and laughing while eating/serving food…it was quite funny LOL.

And that’s all for that day! I think food was a big part of it haha, I tried out a lot of different things. I’d recommend the manjuu (something like a small bun or mochi) in Jozankei, and lots of seafood in Otaru.

See you in the next postgirl



3 Responses to “☆ Hokkaido: Jozankei → Otaru”

  1. 1 lmjapan November 4, 2013 at 3:15 PM

    What fabulous pictures, Jozankei looks really beautiful! And all the food pics had me salivating! I wish we’d gotten to eat the seafood in Otaru but my boyfriend really wanted to drink Otaru’s beer so we went to the beer hall along the canal. The seafood rice bowl you had looks scrumptious, the salmon pieces are so huge! And ikura tastes so good when it’s fresh. I never eat it here in California. It just tastes like little balls filled with salty fish water, yech!

    Your LeTAO cheesecake looks so good. I will definitely have to get some the next time I’m in Hokkaido. If we’d been smart like you and your family we’d have rented bicycles too and had enough time to go there! Where did you rent them at, the station?

    • 2 Miu November 4, 2013 at 7:00 PM

      Thank you! Everything was gorgeous! And they’re so generous with the food servings too (^-^)/ For all that good quality, it was sooo worth it.

      I hope you get to try it next time!

      The bicycles were from this rental shop called Charinko Otaru, it’s about a few minutes walk from the station near a KFC! Cycling’s a great way to get around I think, you get to take in the smaller sights around town but at a quicker pace~

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