Tokyo ✿

good evening


I just got back from Japan a while ago! That was the windup of vacation. Today was actually the first day of school, but I’d rather talk about my trip lol.

My family and I travelled together for the first time in a long whileyeyWe’ve been to Tokyo before (and my dad is there a lot for work), and this time we headed to Hokkaido for the first time. It was a good change from the usual city scene, thanks to all the nature everywhere.

How very blessed I am森ガール+顔+女の子_mheart

It was mainly a Hokkaido trip, but we did have an extra day in Tokyo before and after because of the flight schedule. And so I’ll blog about Tokyo firstsmileI ended up taking over 500 pictures so I think I should chop up the report into separate days.


Slice of Apple Cake

We got on a plane early in the morning! I love daytime flights because you get to see different views of the sky from the window (at night there is nothing). There was lunch too, and it was surprisingly big.

Lunch in the Sky

And then we landedhappy nekoJapan was as wonderful as always. I get fascinated by things as simple as conbini bread and random signs.



“We need love, we need water! Human body 60% water!”

“Where there is a will, there is a drink.”


Fluffy waffle bun. Yum.

Yaki Purin

And of course I can’t go without my favourite yaki purinsmileThere’s a great variety of puddings in the convenience stores but I still like this one best in the end. I wish I could bring some back from Japan but the last time I tried it explodedrabbit


When I was in Tokyo I finally met up with Reimi ♡ It’s been over six months since I saw her! We went to Harajuku and Shinjuku, and shopped aroundloveOur lunch was crepes at Takeshita-dori, of course. Haha.



It was crowded as usual! As expected of Harajuku. Shopping was fun too, because clothes in Harajuku are generally more affordable. There was a tiny shopping mall called Cute Cube that had just opened recently, so I took a look too.

At Harajuku purikura is standard tooneko


Lots of love, yayheheWe took them at three machines.

Time was tight so the outing was short, but since it’s so rare to see each other I was happy the both of us got to go out in Tokyo for a while at least! It was a really great prelude to the Hokkaido trip.


On the same day my family went back to the airport in the evening. And Hokkaido began from there! I’ll save all the stories for the blog posts to come.

Till then, I’ll do my best in school at the same timewaving



2 Responses to “Tokyo ✿”

  1. 1 lmjapan October 24, 2013 at 8:39 AM

    Wish I’d gotten to eat the crepes in Harajuku! All these visits to Japan and, believe it or not, I still haven’t gotten to try one! We were even in Harajuku on this last trip but we walked down Omotesando instead because my boyfriend wanted to go to Kiddyland to look for souvenirs for his cousins.

    Did you fly Singapore Airlines? It looks like their symbol on some of the condiments. And the way they arranged the soba on the tray looks very familiar lol. I love Singapore Airlines, I’ve flown on them twice when I went to Japan. The crew is so friendly and their food is the best and they give a lot. I flew Delta for this last trip because we’d accrued enough miles to fly for free. So I guess I shouldn’t complain about the flight but bleh, their food was AWFUL!

    • 2 Miu October 24, 2013 at 9:02 PM

      You definitely have to try the crepes (^^)
      When I think of Takeshita-dori I think of them first LOL.
      Nowadays they’ve gotten really fancy, with salad crepes and even crepes with whole cakes in them.

      Yes, I flew by Singapore Airlines! Even their economy class seems so luxurious. There was ice cream with the meal 😀 I think they really raise the bar for all other airlines haha.

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