Collage Diary


There are 20 days of vacation left…how did it come to that so fast? I usually spend the later half of my holidays mulling over how much time I took for granted. And as usual, there were a lot of things I’d planned that ended up not being done. Sighalpaca

I did have a good break—mostly staying at home and unwinding. All-day pajamas, meals with my mom, library books and stuff like that. There’s just this niggling feeling like I should have done something more revolutionary with these buckets of free time.

But I should try to be a little more positive this time, at least. I did have a few events and those photography jobs after alldiet nekoEven with my vacation inevitably draining away, I think there’re still things I can look forward to from this point onwards.

1Having twenty more days of freedom.

2Family vacation! (Guess where?)

3Seeing my friends in school againsmile

4New clothes, even if it’s still the same season. But everyone needs back-to-school fabulosity.

5Catching Fire in November! (I won’t include Divergent or The Maze Runner since they’re only out next year AKA a lifetime later)

I expect there should be more too. I hope so.

Anyway, today’s another photo diary ↓

Slice of Apple Cake

Home day with my one of my best friendskira kiraWe didn’t do much, just lolled around in my room and talked. Plus watching videos of bread, tying my hair, and a small tea time. And others in between. I love this kind of day the best, when I can relax easily with good company. Holidays done rightokay


An outfit from when I filmed a dance cover森ガール+顔+女の子_m

Kanashiki Amefuri →

Hence the ℃-ute pose. It’s been a long while! I really didn’t have the chance to go out and film something, so I’m glad I finally got to do it. I did it on a particularly hot day, and it got so bad my phone turned itself off when I left it on the floor for a while.  My feet were getting scorched through my shoes too. How startlingneko

Slice of Apple Cake

Last week I was treated to lunch at the culinary school that I helped take photos for! They have a restaurant on campus, and the food they served was really good. Which I knew already, seeing the buffet spread they prepared the week before. I had stingray cake, seafood risotto and the hugest pineapple tart I’d ever seen among other dessertsheart

Thanks for the meal! I often get amazed when I try desserts with names that I can’t pronounce. I tried my first mocktail toosmileWhich probably sounds kind of lame because it’s not even the real thing, but I’ve always been on the apple juice side of the menu.

Ichiban Boshi

Dinner with my family for the first time in ageshappyCurry is the ultimate comfort food (and rice. Always rice).


That’s it for today! Oh, and also—

Happy October! Three more months to 2014. Wowshock

see you



2 Responses to “Collage Diary”

  1. 1 lmjapan October 6, 2013 at 6:17 PM

    All day pajamas are my official uniform on the weekends! And yes, curry is the ultimate comfort food especially once the weather starts chillier. I could eat it practically every day!

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