Eggs at Hatched

good morning

It’s so rare for me to blog in the morning. Something to start the day!

Recently I went to an all-day breakfast restaurant with Ju EunyeyWe were actually there to cover for a school assignment (a food magazine!), so went to review the place. I think we ended up enjoying it a lot more than we should.

The restaurant was called HatchedchickIt’s cute because eggs are their specialty and the menu is based on them. Ju Eun and I had a hard time deciding between all the different eggy dishes.



These were the two main dishes we sharedhappy nekoIt think it was too much for us…but still yummy.

And as a treat, dessert.


It was my first time eating a lava cakeloveI got really excited about it. Haha.

Even though it was for schoolwork, I’m glad I got the excuse to go out for a rare dinner! Sometimes these things come in useful, though I end up relaxing more than I should be doing my work. But we all need some leeway once in a while anyway.


I had a great timeheartLet’s go out again! In September when school ends haha.

Recent coordinates ↓



They’re completely different stylesneko

Although most of the time I just wear the same jacket-tshirt-shorts combo to school. Since I spend a lot of time in studios (basically lots of air-conditioning) I feel better about keeping warm so I wear jackets and stuff. And then I go outside and start sweatingnekoIt’s tough.

Well then!

I’ll end it hereneko


P.S. I created Bloglovin, so I’m trying it out here


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