Weekly Slice ☆


Suddenly I really want to eat taiyaki and custard buns. There’s a Hokkaido food fair at the supermarket near my school, but I’ve been too busy to try going there. I think it’s ending on Sunday…

The school semester is pretty mundane, so my blog posts haven’t been much latelyneko

There’s a lack of inspiration in writing tooshockI’ve had to do a lot of that recently for creative writing class. Since the assignment is five journals on a topic of my choice, I wrote about things like languages and my sport. I was halfway through my last journal about growing up, but during dinner I happened to eat my rice with the Genie spoon I got in Tokyo and I decided to write about Disneyland instead.

It’s a bit of an irony.

This is the spoon that led to my change of heart.


It’s the Genie from AladdinloveIt’s my most treasured spoon now.

I really love Disneyland after all ♪ Although I bought this one from Disneysea. At any rate, I love the entire Tokyo Disney Resort and their beautiful presentation in everything. The details.

Changing the subject…

I’ll post this week’s picturesneko


This was yesterday’s outfit. The top is a box logo tank top from snidelhappy nekoIt was a supplement that came with July’s ViVi magazine. It might be the nicest free gift I’ve ever had.

cat bag

I bought this one from Taobao. Those sleeping eyes are irresistible.


A cupcake I received as a treatnekoAnd alpaca.


The turtle melonpan that was so cute it took me ages to eat it.


This one’s a gift too. Macarons! Amazingly they’re covered in goldshock

Those are the pictures from this week!

Well thenshockI’m sorry my posts are getting shorter. I need to do something interesting other than getting cute food and taking pictures of them.



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