Somehow I feel uneasy when I leave my blog alone for too long.

It’s been toughcoldI’m trying to remember what happened during the past week, so the photos might be a bit scattered. Even though it’s busy, I’d really like to find the time in between work to blogneko


This is my coordinate form sometime this week. As Mai always says, it’s a casual style ♪ The mask is there because there was a bad haze over the whole country last week. We needed it to keep the smog outmaskWhich honestly was fun in a way because masks are so rarely worn here, but mostly it was scary because I could barely see the buildings around me. The whole country was grey for a whileshock


Despite that I still had a treatkirakiraMy dad bought mille crepe from the Hokkaido food fair at the supermarket. I adore it to no end. All those layers of soft crepe and sweet cream.


Mille crepe has to be one of the best desserts in the world (but then again I say the same thing about a lot of them). Since they were on a sale my dad got a few flavourssmileIt seems the expiry is one year later, so I can even save one for my next birthday.


This was my collage diary for last Wednesday. My classmates and I filmed our movie at an outdoor basketball court that day, so I was in a cap againdiet nekoAlso, that’s the mountain of panda sandwiches I made for our cast members. Somehow it was enjoyable getting up at 5:30 in the morning to cut out 30 bread pandas.

But the filming was intensely tiring, so that wiped us out for most of the weekalpaca

Yesterday Ju Eun came to my house, and by the time we had dinner and finished some work it was already late so she ended up staying the nightnekoAn impromptu sleepover! I did a live stream on Twitcasting for the first time, and it was fun as the two of us. So fun we stayed up longer than we should’ve even though there was school the next daysweat


Back to my work…



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