I’m eighteen now☆

…or so it seems.

More than a day of me turning a year older, it was a day of receiving kindness from peopleneko

To all the friends who sent me birthday greetings,

thank you

There’s a lot I want to say but I can’t express it properly here—some things are best exchanged personally.

So here’s a collage of food ↓


I was given a lotshock

See that one at the bottom? That’s a salted egg custard bun. I don’t know how you think of it, but I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t adore it. It’s a soft bun with sweet and salty custard that oozes out when you bite into it; I never get tired of theserabbitIt’s like biting into a tiny pillow. Yum.


It was another great weekend where I didn’t have to worry so much about all the school work. Off time ♪ I’m grateful to the friends who took the time to surprise me on SaturdayheartI was genuinely surprised when two more friends appeared. That was fungrinAlso, I got to eat my beloved cake.


upThis was my outfit! Look at our abnormally long legs.

From here on, I want to make good use of being one year older. Realising that I only have two more years of being a teenager makes this short time left precious. 17 was a good age, but now that I’ve left that behind I can only do my best at being 18 too. ☆

By the way, this was my last cover as a 17 year old ↓

My goal is to become Yattaruchan nowneko




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