J-Melo Fan Meeting ☆


Yesterday I went for a J-Melo event in town!

It was a fan meeting for Japanese music lovers, and the guest hosts were Joe Inoue and Sea☆A’s Valerie. It was my first time going to something like this, so I had a really good timepandaThere were around 40 people; so it was a smaller gathering than I thought.

My friend and I took a bus to town right after school, so we went to a supermarket to have our dinner earlysmileWhich consisted of ramen and a lot of desserts. Pictured below ↓



And I feel like I should turn this into an announcement…


I ate apple cake for the first timelove←It’s like eating myself. Haha

So it’s not a cake sort of cake…but they called it a cake so it counts. Wao ♪ I’m fulfilled now. It was so fluffy and delicious.

Also, there was a really good daifuku but it seems like I forgot to take a picturecry

Anyway, that was our little Japan food festival for dinner. ☆ After that we met my other friend and we headed for the J-Melo event nearby. It was about two hours long and everyone stood the whole time, but I was enjoying myself completely. I kept thinking “ah, this is cool” a lot of times, especially when Joe Inoue and Valerie were hosting. They were really good at itnekoI didn’t know about Joe well before, but after hearing him sing I came to like his songs a lot. He’s funny toohappy neko

There were song and dance performances by the local fans too.

Momo was there as well, and she did a remarkably cute performance of Momoiro Sparklinglove

And unexpectedly!shock

I got to perform. By chance.

Because I won a game of janken with a few other people who wanted to perform as well.

shock←time to enter janken tournament

I hope my reaction didn’t get caught on camera because it was something like thisshockbut not even nearly as flattering. I don’t have a good track record of winning games of chance, so I had a good shock.

And that’s how I was allowed to dance Watashi ga iu mae ni dakishimenakya ne at the J-Melo eventnekoI’m really grateful to the people who pushed me forward.

Since I was the last item for the event, it closed with refreshments and photo-taking.


Joe Inoue and Valerie ☆

joe inoue

2shot. Aha.


With Momohehe

And of course, Ju Eunheart


Thank you to the coordinator who invited me to the event! It seems like J-Melo will air footage from the event in July, so I’m looking forward to it.

thank you

Last night I pushed all the stress and work to a pile in the corner. So I’m going to crawl back to that pile now.




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