Being a cat would be nice.

Tomorrow there’s a big assignment to hand in that I haven’t finished, and yet I’m sitting in front of the computer blogging and eating salty almonds.

Once in a while you need a breakalpaca←Recently I’ve been using this alpaca a lot. Maybe it’s because it fits my emotion so perfectly sometimes.

It’s the start of another week!

Some recent school coordinatesneko


I go between being a black cat and totally pastel.

Since I spend a lot of time at the studio in school, I get a good time of being chilled there. So I can wear my layers and stay as un-sticky as I canyeyThe weather has been even more scorching than usual. Sometimes the temperature gets so high I get really vexed about how it’s possible for the country to be 33℃. I think May is the hottest month of the year or something (;_;)

But at least I can cool down in school and at home in front of the fan, so I’m not in complete despairx_x

And once in a while there’re sweet treats too.


A complimentary birthday cake my mother receivedhappy nekoEven though her birthday was at the beginning of the month lol. But strawberry shortcakes are always timelessly fabulous.

I feel like eating more sweet stuffneko



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