Kind of weekly update

It’s been a while (´ー`)

School is in full force now, throwing deadlines at me left and right. I’m not particularly enjoying making a rush for all my assignments at the same time, but the one redeeming thing about all of this is that I get a nice satisfaction every time I finish a piece. Which, actually, is not very oftenrabbit

I’m not even sure what I’m talking about anymore, my mind is muddled nowadayswaving

Recently I’ve been wanting to go the school library more.


It’s quiet and almost empty during the early mornings, so I like going there by myself before my class starts. Somehow I’m able to get more work done therealpacaIt’s probably because it’s nice and cosy and I have no choice but to behave in public. Sometimes at home I start moaning a lot when the stress comes inneko

Anyway, last Friday I did a lot of photo-takingcameraAs the photographer, not the subject.

I did several shooting jobs for school, and it was fun because I got to take a lot of different kinds of photos. On that day there was a big school carnival too, so it was extra busy that day. And at night I took photos at an education seminarnekoIt was my first time shooting that sort of event, and I butchered the unspoken dress code by wearing shorts without realising it wasn’t a good idea to.

But it went well in the end, and I brought back free ice creamheheI actually enjoyed it a lot because I was free to walk anywhere I wanted to take pictures. I felt so important



I uploaded a new cover yesterday.kirakira



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