School Bento


School has started. This time I’ve become a 2nd year, so it’s a lot easier getting back into the swing of things.

But I still get tired a lotshockTime to sleep more! I don’t even know what I do at night…if I’m not on the computer I’m doodling or reading or lying around or other things. Things that aren’t very relevant. But I suppose once all the assignments start flooding in that problem will be solvedalpaca


Today I brought a bento to school for lunch. I made it myself in the morningalpacaBut for a little lunchbox that I finished in fifteen minutes I took much, much longer to prepare it haha.

Still, the result was satisfactorykirakira


It was like that! There’s rice, bamboo shoot, peas, a sausage, and the brown stuff up there…

…well, it’s egg.


But don’t write off my cooking skills yet! Even though it’s (very) brown, it’s not actually burnt. I don’t have the usual sugar at home, so I had to use brown coconut sugar. Which is why the colour came out like that.

(First the panda sandwiches, now the tamagoyaki. Sigh)


Even though the colour’s a bit weird it’s actually really tastyyeyAnd coconut tamagoyaki sounds fairly revolutionary, if I may so.




Well thenkirakira



2 Responses to “School Bento”

  1. 1 veggiebentolove April 27, 2013 at 7:59 AM

    Tasty-looking bento. I’ve overcoloured tamagoyaki a bit too, but it’s a very forgiving dish, thank goodness.

    • 2 Miu April 27, 2013 at 9:17 AM

      Thank you!
      I think the colour helps the overall aesthetic of the bento, but in the end it’s the taste that matters (^^)

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