Collab ☆

good morning

It’s the last day of the holidays. I’m reluctant to let go of itneko

But it’s not really a choice so…today I’m going to get ready and have a good night’s sleep. I’m all about good starts. ☆

Yesterday after church in the morning I went out to meet Momo and Suzume to film our collaboration coverrabbitThe cameraman was Nakitty, who I met for the first time. Here’s the video ↓

Collabs are funhappyI’m always dancing alone. Aha. Momo and Suzume are really great dancers, I loved working with them♡ And of course dancing is always enjoyable, even though I’m by no means fantastic.

H!P oh yey ♪

One thing bugs me about myself though…I was smiling so much while doing it but my face is almost gloomy onscreengloomI came to the conclusion it must be my teeth. They’re so small they make any shape I make with my mouth almost imperceptible. Sigh. So if I don’t look like I’m having any fun, please know that I definitely didwakuwaku

At any rate, I really like how our cover came out. I’d be glad if you watch it (´ー`*)

This might be the last cover I can do for a while since the new semester is starting. Even though I have another dance that I’ve been planning to film for a long time. I can only hope I have a chance to record a cover before my bangs grow out.


Oh, macaronsup

They were a complimentary birthday gift for my dad from some company, but he doesn’t particularly fancy sweet treats like these. And neither does my mother, nor my brother.

So they’ve sort of become my macaronsneko

Since I’m still on my no-snack diet, I’m going to pick them off very sparingly. That’s real self-control on my part, because I adore macarons. I even opened the box to take a picture.


Also, this is unrelated but I had a haircut.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 9.31.07 AM

It’s refreshing (´ー`*)



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