Pancakes Day

good morning

It’s been a busy week. But sometimes being busy is better than doing nothing the whole time, so at least I feel like my tiredness is worth something.

On Saturday I went to Strictly Pancakes, which is this place which serves pancakes all day. As the name would suggest.

Anyway, my friends and I initially planned to go to a buffet on that day—that was the purpose behind my diet the whole of last monthkirakiraBut some couldn’t make it in the end, so the rest of us decided to have pancakes for dinner. I still ate a lot—I really love pancakes after allnekoIt was interesting because they had the usual sweet stuff like ice cream and strawberries, but there were also savoury pancakes that had garlic and prawns. After trying both I decided I still like sweet things moreheart

Strawberries & Co.

Garlic buttered prawns

Garlic buttered prawns

Potatoes Leeking Cheese

Potatoes Leeking Cheese

I shared all those with my two friendsrabbit

In the end my favourite was this one ↓

photo 11.22.10 PM



↑ technically Saturday’s


Cat shoes debutneko

They were a little too snug, but otherwise I survived a day in them. No one stepped on the little tails, thankfully.

Right—changing the subject:

Bon left for Japan today…I already miss her a lot. There’s something that feels so permanent when friends move overseas, especially because they’re so far away. But I’m really happy for her tooheart

Anyway, I’m not in total despair.

Because tomorrow I’m flying to Japan as wellsmile

Ah but I’m not moving there, I’m just there for four days haha. No matter how long or short, time in Japan is precious time.

I’m determined to go out with Bon on one of those days. Since we became best friends it’s been a dream to have a date in Japan together—we’re almost there! I just hope I don’t get lost trying to find herhurhur

I’m so excited~wakuwaku

I’ll come back with lots of pictures!



I’ve created a Twitter account for myself to post in Japanese. It’s all on a whim…but I’d be glad if you followed meneko


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