Yesterday Ju Eun and I went to a dance studio that we rented for two hours. We were the only ones in that particular building and it was dark so it was creepy and cool at the same timehurhurIt’s rare for both of us to use a big space so we danced a lot.

Of course, it’s all just for our own funneko


Twin tails because I sweat a lot. Haha.

Shoes weren’t allowed so my feet were stripped down to sockswaving


Panda sockspandaIt was fun slipping around the studio.

And my coordinate:


2shot with Ju Eunkirakira


That’s my report for yesterdayclap

Today I went out for a while and I saw the old Central Fire Station. It looked nice against the sky so I took a picture ↓ This kind of charming architecture in Singapore is hard to come by nowadays.


Also, a picture of jelly that I ate a few days agosmile


Lastly! I uploaded another cover yesterday ✿


Check it out here →

Sorry for this messy posthurhur

see you


4 Responses to “Studio”

  1. 1 GeorgiaNeko March 11, 2013 at 11:21 AM

    The way you edit your photos is so simple and cute! ♥
    I wish I could dance as well as you and rent a studio to practice in~
    I saw your cover~ you’re really good! *is incredibly jealous* x . x

    Cute ankle socks are the best! ♫ ♪

    I look forward to your next post! Take care!~

  2. 3 dizzy March 12, 2013 at 8:28 AM

    The socks are so cuteee! (*^∇^*)
    You dance so well =w=
    So talented ♥

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