Another week


I’m enjoying all the quiet mornings during the holidays now. Taking my own sweet time to get out of bed is a good feeling indeed.


Also, an incident happened last weekalpaca

My friend P and I went out, and when we were coming back to my house it suddenly started to rain just as we got off the bus. Even though we were almost right outside, there was still a long way to walk under the rain so we decided to stay put.

But the rain just got heavierrabbit

After a long while of waiting, something happened outside the bus stop that made us step out of the shelter. We were instantly drenched, so we decided we might as well walk back home since we were already wet.

We took a stroll in the heavy rain togetherrain

Last time we used to talk about walking in the rain, but I didn’t think we’d actually ever do it. Thankfully neither of us caught a cold ♪ There’s something liberating about getting soaked.


Anyway changing the subject!

I filmed two dance covers in the same week. For the first time I used my DSLR for them! Ju Eun went to the Botanic Gardens with me to help me film the first oneheartIt rained as soon as we got there so we had to wait in the shelter for quite a bit. That was troublesome, but when the rain finally stopped it left behind a rather pretty post-rain scenery for me to film in. You know, wet grass and all thatpanda

And then this morning P helped me film the other dance cover at the park outside our houses.


It turned out like that.

Watch it hereheart→


The last thing I did for the week was a café visit with my friend! We went to one of those indie cafés to relax over lunch.


It’s inspired by a Japanese café inspired by a French café. Something like that.

I liked it, anywayyeyIt’s one of those cafés that have a nice cosy setting to make it feel more homey.

This is the place we sat at ↓


I loved the ambience of the place. The food was great too; I adore all-day breakfastssmileEspecially thick French toast.


The only thing about the L’etoile Café was that their service was a little on the slow side. But somehow I didn’t mind so much—I got the idea that this was a place for people with plenty of free time anyway. If I had a good book (and sufficient money) I’d come here again to eat and while some time awayeat

My lunch partner that day↓neko


So all was wellkirakira

It was a good week after all. So far I’m not exactly wasting my holiday (which is a relief).



upI wore my starry top out but the stars can’t even be seen in the picture so I left my camera hanging there to make the outfit look less boring haha.



2 Responses to “Another week”

  1. 1 summerlovefire March 4, 2013 at 11:43 PM

    cafe~ ♡ I’ve always wanted to visit one haha but I don’t know any good ones ._. haha

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