Hoshino Coffee


It’s seems like today’s post is more pictures and less words.

Last Friday I went on a shopping date with Bonheart

We had a little meal at Hoshino Coffee—a Japanese café that has really sweet desserts. One of their most popular menu items is the double soufflé pancake and I’ve been longing to try it for ages because pancakes are an all-time favourite food of mine. When we went there I finally got to eat itheheIt lived up to every expectation I had of the fluffy stuff.

The only downside was that it was pretty priceycryBut for a once-in-while treat, I thought it was worth it. I’ve never seen such fat pancakes in my life. They were on my table twenty minutes after ordering and ready for me to eat, oh yay.

I can’t think of a detailed explanation for the fabulous eating experience I had so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Just look at thatshock

Please look at it again.


The best part was that there were twohurhur

Bon ordered french toast and it was delicious too!

Photo 2

The whipped cream was so huge it fell off soon after arriving at our table.

And a close up shotdown


Needless to say we had a fulfilling time at Hoshino CoffeerabbitHeavy on the filling.

After tea time we went shopping! And got good bargains at the Japanese fashion storesalpacaThe both of us found tops that were all at least 50% off.


(L-R: JRunway, Uniqlo, Lowry’s Farm)

I especially like the starry tank top for its design (and half off price tag)neko

starry details

So with that I’ve satisfied my shopping desires.

That day’s coordinate:


I’m still thinking of things to do during the holiday! Aside from writing, I definitely want to take my camera out more often. Since I’m always at home I want to go out and hunt for the more photogenic places in this countrypanda



2 Responses to “Hoshino Coffee”

  1. 1 dizzy February 26, 2013 at 8:50 AM

    Waaa, seems so tasty that only looking at the pictures makes me want to try it! Nice shopping (^ω^)

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