It’s Minnie Mouse


On Tuesday I went grocery shopping with my momsmile

We unexpectedly found cute things at the supermarket.


It’s a biscuit spoonshockIt’s probably meant to be dipped and eaten with a cup of something, but I got too excited and just ate the spoon by itself…the purpose was totally missed.

At least I took its picture.

The other cute thing we bought was this!


Minnie Mouse kamaboko!!

It’s a special fish cake with Minnie’s face on it271779When we opened it it was like this.


Ah, cute294281

(although the eyes turned out a bit funny)

It took a good few minutes of begging to get my mom to buy it. She’s highly against the evils of artifical chemicals in food and the Minnie Mouse happens to look suspiciously colourfulhurhurIt’s not like I enjoy eating such vividly printed foodstuff either, but this time I just really wanted to eat Minnie. As a fish cake.

It was fun cutting it up though, because my mom and I decided to get all RRcherrypie about it and film a video of us slicing it up. Needless to say we were way off the mark.

And then we boiled the Minnie slicesneko


After all that my mom realised she didn’t know where to put it in. So we dumped them in a plate of broccoli to make up for the health. You know.

So that’s what we bought at the supermarketclap

Changing the subject, I got my fringe cut as usual.


That’s all for todaymickey



2 Responses to “It’s Minnie Mouse”

  1. 1 Connie February 25, 2013 at 12:39 PM

    awwww its so cute, how can u eat that? XD

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