Valentine’s and the End of the Semester

It’s three days late but…


I wonder if you received lots of chocolates?tumblr_inline_mi7ttrCLSY1qdlkyg

I didn’t. (lol)

We’re not that big on chocolates here—I should think the weather is so hot they’d likely melt before you actually give them away. (excuses, excuses) But I got lots of Valentine’s wishes from my friends insteadheartAnd also lovely presents from Ju Eun! Including this Korean treat.

Photo 1

Thank youheart


The first year of school is over as well.

We had the last test on Friday and then it ended just like thatwakuwakuMy friends and I had pizza after that to celebrate, yey.

Photo 2

I’m relieved it’s the holidays, but it’s also a little lonely because I know next semester my class will split up. At any rate, I’m grateful for the past year I had with themsmile

From now until April I’m on break. Two months is a long time so I’m thinking of getting a part time job or something. Most of the time shall be for me to sleep and relax thoughnekoIt’d definitely be nice if I could go out with my friends more too.

Yesterday a few of my classmates and I went out for a moviepandaWe shopped around for a bit too, but I didn’t buy anything.

Even though I really wanted tocry

All the Japanese clothing stores had lots of pretty items on sale, but they were still so expensive. Though I reasoned the quality would make them a good investment…I couldn’t do it after allrabbitAnd so I didn’t buy anything.

But if I get a part time job I’ll certainly go back thereangry

For now I’m just recycling my coordinates over and over again.


I kid you not. If you scroll down a bit you’ll see the exact same pictures but with a different top. (I still shamelessly uploaded this anyway)

That black jacket is just my wardrobe staple because I really like itcryBut I wash it. So I still maintain my hygiene.

It’s okay, I’ll go shopping again and by the time school starts I’ll have a fresh round of coordinatesalpacaSo it’ll be a good idea to start stocking up for the new semester.

Starting from tomorrow I’m going to properly enjoy my break!

And I expect I’ll be blogging more too. Haha.



4 Responses to “Valentine’s and the End of the Semester”

  1. 1 summerlovefire February 18, 2013 at 6:37 PM

    とってもしあわせ!!!! ♡

  2. 3 GeorgiaNeko February 21, 2013 at 2:32 PM

    Happy [very belated] valentines day!! ♪
    You really make the most of your wardrobe~ your coords are all so cute!
    I need a proper part time job too ‘ x ‘

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