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Firstly, a belated Merry Christmas to yougingerbreadThis week I haven’t been able to go online much at all so I couldn’t blog during the holiday. But it’s okay, because I had a fabulous time with HarukaheartShe came to have a homestay with my family for a week, and just returned to Japan this morning. It’s a lonely feelingcryThis was the first time I had a friend stay with me for so many days, and I get attached to some people easily. Haha.

We went around to many places together—this was a pretty good opportunity for me to revisit all the touristy places in Singapore (and stop using the computer for more than a minute). And I finally visited Universal Studios for the first timeheheUsually I can’t afford places like these, so I had a lot of fun there. Except I think I paid my ticket’s worth in locker rentals because almost all the attractions didn’t allow any loose items and I didn’t want to shove my stuff in a locker the whole day.


upWaiting for the Transformers ridearmflap

We rode these two rollercoasters as well…


It was the greatest fun I had therearmflapThe blue track is a suspended coaster that had us hanging off the bottom and going upside down several times, so we weren’t at all sure at first if we wanted to try it. But we didhurhurAnd it turned out to be even better than the red one, hooray.


On one of the days we went to the zoo and I finally saw a red pandared panda(that’s one crossed off my favourite non-domestic animals to see. I still have yet to find a real fennec fox)

Most of the animals were either eating or sleeping that day.



The giant panda exhibit had panda buns for salepanda


upCan’t eat before taking a picture.

Now that she’s returned home, it feels strange not to have her around after being together for a weekcryI liked sharing a room with a friend, we’d say good morning as soon as we got up, and at night we talked a lot on our beds.


So now I have another good reason to go to Japan. I had a great week with Harukaheart(also she has one of the prettiest names ever)

Time to get back to my assignments before school starts after New Year’srabbitBon just came back from Europe too! I want to meet her now. Nowww.

I hope everyone had a good breakalpaca


On the 31st I’ll try to make a blog post summing up 2012!


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