It’s been a while since I posted my coordinatesalpacaSo here’s a post for them! It’s actually just an excuse because I don’t have time for a proper post. I’m studying for my tests everydaycry






Those are just the days when I dressed up a bit more than usualnekoThe problem about my clothing style is that I like wearing long-sleeved stuff and jackets, and I’m virtually cooking myself every time I come to school. Such is the pain of all-year summerheheIf there was the fall season here I’d be overjoyed.

On Monday I debuted my tattoo tights from Tokyo as wellwakuwaku

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 6.51.17 PM

Now that’s really dressing up for me. Until a while ago I wouldn’t even have dreamed of wearing these out in public, but then there I was walking into school with a big heart smack across my shin. So much for low-key dressing. It felt fun instead of tackyhurhurOnce in a while I like to wear something out of the norm. (And here, that certainly isn’t the norm)

But my usual school coordinate is something like this:


Because I’m really quite lazy most days and it’s easiest to wear t-shirt and shorts and throw a jacket over it.

I really like looking at other people’s coordinates, especially when they share the same taste as meheheThe only downside is that most of them live in Japan, and it’s not particularly useful when they start wearing their fall/winter clothes.

pastel stars

I have to cut this short now and start studyingahhWhen tests are over I’ll write longer posts again and talk about slightly less pointless things.

See You


3 Responses to “Coordinates”

  1. 1 GeorgiaNeko December 9, 2012 at 1:14 AM

    All such cute cords! >w< I've forgotten how to pull it off lately!

    • 2 GeorgiaNeko December 9, 2012 at 1:15 AM

      All such cute cords! ♥ I especially love the third one!~
      You have a really nice style & it suits you so well!

      I bought tattoo tights in Tokyo as well! And I was nervous wearing mine for the first time….I still am a little….but they’re more loud than your ones…! they’re so cute!!

      I have very similar shorts to yours [in the “todays fashion” cord.] x3

      I feel so inspired to try this casual but cute style more often >w< I've forgotten how to pull it off lately!

      • 3 Miu December 10, 2012 at 3:49 PM

        Thank you so much ♡(*´∀`*)
        I’ve never been very creative with my clothes, but lately I’ve been exploring more Japanese fashion styles (^^)

        I know how you feel about tattoo tights! I was only game enough for the subtle design :’) Take a picture when you wear yours, I’d love to see them~

        Haha and I’m sure you can pull off this style! It’d be great to see your coordinates ☆

        Thanks for the comment! (^o^)

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