Tokyo: Day Four (Final) ☆

Sorry for the long gap between posts. It’s the busy part of the term, and there’s been a lot of dreadful situations and stress. I haven’t been in a good mood for ages, and it takes a lot of effort to do something other than whine about my predicament. But I’m slowly trying to get back on track

I’m finally rounding up my trip to Tokyo almost a month after I returned

We only had half a day left, so my dad and I just had a casual morning and afternoon together. Since he didn’t get to go around much, we went to HarajukuYep, I went again. I bought myself a neko beanie

After Harajuku, we returned to Ikebukuro and I went shopping by myself while my dad went back to the hotel. Ah, to shop in Tokyo aloneSince I didn’t have a lot of time, I mainly went to SPINNS. And it’s pretty much one of the best places ever. I want to go back there and buy more clothes

It was almost time to pack up and go, so I just went around Ikebukuro Sunshine City for another last round.

Mascarpone mille crepe: the beautiful last dessert my dad and I had

Goodbye Ikebukuro

At the airport I did a lot of last-minute souvenir shopping. That’s what airports are for, right?

I got a lot of snacks backIncluding these marvellous kitkats.

Blueberry cheesecake and strawberry!

And then we left.

I was only there for four days, but every day was full of good things and people. Going to Japan made me love it more than ever, and it was a great encouragement for me to continue learning Japanese. I think talking with the locals there was one of the most fun things

It’s a funny feeling sometimes, knowing that I’m a tourist and I have a totally polished view of Japan. The Japanese were fascinating to watch as they went about their everyday lives—travelling on the train, buying a crepe, visiting the convenience marts. It’s so intriguing to see how normal it is for them. That’s the fun of being a tourist, I thinkBut I don’t want to just stay as a tourist too, I want to be a part of that everyday life.

So for now my dream is to stay there for a monthThat might seem a short time, especially when you love Japan so much. But I’m also the kind that’s very attached to my home, so I don’t know how long I can go without being homesick. Haha.

But whatever it is, I want to live in Japan! One day


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