Tokyo: Day Three ☆

I can’t tell if this post is going to long or short because I only went to one place…but it’s kind of like the place.

On Saturday I went to Disneyland

My new friend Haruka brought me there by trainShe came all the way to Ikebukuro to pick me up, and then we travelled to Maihama, where Tokyo Disney Resort is. It was my first time meeting her, so I didn’t know how she was like at all before that. She’s two years older than me, but we had a great time talking with each otherShe’s really friendly and a great conversationist, even though she’s still learning English. Since she’s better at English than I am at Japanese, we mostly talked in English. Sometimes she did talk to me in Japanese, and that was fun

(you know that feeling when you clog up a paragraph with too many of the same words…yeah.)

It’s my second time coming to Disneyland. The first time I went was seven years ago…that’s kinda longSomehow it’s actually really strange. Disneyland is usually the dream land of children. But this time I found myself even more excited than my 10-year-old self was. It could be nostalgia, or the realization that grown up life is sad

We met Haruka’s mother at DisneylandShe’s one of the nicest people I have ever met. Then again, her whole family is. They, as well as Miyako-san, are each the very epitome of true Japanese hospitality. Haruka and her mother really took care of me when I was in their companyHaruka’s mother couldn’t speak English, but we still managed to communicate with the little Japanese I spoke.

Most of our bite-sized conversations went like this:

“Samu kunai?” (You’re not cold?)

“Daijoubu desu” (I’m all right)

“Nihongo umai desu ne!” (Your Japanese is good!)

“No no no”

She gave me a lot more credit than I deserved, because I just smiled and nodded most of the time. But I really enjoyed her company, and trying to talk to each other

Disney spring roll with shrimp fillingHaruka got those for us! They might possibly be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

We spent the day going around different attractionsThe waiting times were unbelievable. We waited an hour for Mickey’s PhilharMagicOf course the long queue was worth it. They don’t call it Philhar-Magic for nothing. The show was only about ten minutes long, but I was utterly enthralled.

After lunch we saved a spot to watch the paradeIt’s my first time seeing it, so it really was a brilliant experience of epic proportions. Literally, the floats towered over me.

The thing about Disneyland is that it’s almost impossible not to feel good. Everyone’s all so excited and smiling, so the atmosphere is just one big ball of euphoria and you roll along with it. I find that I appreciate this a lot more than I did when I was ten, which is why I’ve been gushing about Disney so much

Before this I might have been all ‘Disneyland is a childish place’. Now I just want to live there

Because everyone is just so happy that I become happy too.

Just look at that smile ☆

Since it was the Halloween period, guests were allowed to dress up as the charactersIt was basically an all-out Disney cosplay festival. The costumes were beyond amazing.

Tea at Sweetheart Cafe

I am a sucker for pastries that resemble anything cute

At night, we watched another paradeAlthough essentially the same, the night parade was just as amazing but a very different experience from the day one. I took too many photos, so here’s one of my favourite floats.

Which is a heavily blinged up Genie.

I loved this Goofy train too

Peter Pan blew a kiss at me! Everyone was going crazy over the Disney characters. I admit that I joined in too, so when I wasn’t taking photos I was waving and going MICKEYYYY! KOCHI! Mickey and Minnie were undeniably the most popular ones

As for the last part of the day…


There’s just something so incredibly endearing about being surrounded by people watching the iconic castle being lit up by fireworks. It really is the perfect way to end a day at Disneyland

And Disneyland in itself really is the place of dreams. There’s nothing childish about it—people go there to enjoy, and that’s the whole point of Disneyland. To give you a great time! I am so very appreciative to Haruka and her mother for bringing me on a day out thereHaruka’s younger sister (who’s my age) came in the evening, so I was able to meet her too. Making friends with them was still the best part of the day.

It seems like I’ll see Haruka again soon, so I’m looking forward to thatI still remember how she spent five minutes looking at her electronic dictionary just to tell me she had no sense of direction in English.

That’s all for Saturday—the next post is already on my last day in Tokyo!


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