iQON ☆

There are only a few more days of holidaysThat’s the sad news for today.

Recently I’ve been using the iQON on my phone to make outfit coordinates. It’s a way to pass the timeAlso ever since I started school I’ve gradually become more fashion conscious. Not that my fashion sense has gotten any better, mind you. But when there are no uniforms to wear at school you eventually get the idea that you can’t avoid thinking about your clothing choices. Or at least, I can’t

It’s become my habit to take a picture of my daily coordinates. It’s really just so I don’t end up wearing the same thing too many times

iQON’s fun because they let you put together any sort of outfit you want, even if it costs more than a house

This is the first one I made

Guess how much the whole outfit costs? ¥117,645. That’s over a thousand dollars here

This one is only ¥45,610 in total.


¥127,725, give or take a heart attack or two. I have expensive taste

But I’m not the one buying all those stuff, so I’m just making heaps of coordinates because I genuinely enjoy looking at clothesAs far as my style goes, I love Japanese fashion because there’s just so much of it.

There’s definitely been a shift in my attitude for the coming trip to Tokyo. Just last year I went there with the intention to raid all the idol goods stores I could hit. Four years ago, I was still looking out for everything related to manga and anime and I wore the same pair of bell bottoms every day.

Same pair.

Bell bottoms.

I don’t know which one is worse, but I certainly won’t be repeating that anymoreThis time my agenda is to come home with lots of cute clothesAside from, you know, lots of cultural and social experiences and everything else that doesn’t sound superficial. Because really, it’s euphoria just to be in the country itself

Also, I’m looking forward to seeing Miyako-san again

That’s all for today’s post

This is the second volume of the Chaos Walking series, I’m reading it nowHighly recommended.


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