Going to Tokyo ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

That’s right ☆

I’m going to Tokyo in two weeks time! That’s my big announcement today

I’m so happyFor this trip I’ll be there for four daysIf only I could stay longer…but I have school. Holidays will have ended by then. It’s sad because the long break is finally over after so many weeks of freedom

But it’s going to end off with a trip to Tokyo so I’m not that glum over it

Last December I was fortunate enough to go to Japan with my family, and I blogged about each day too. This time, there’s something special about the trip

I’ll be travelling there by myself!

Since my father will already be there for work, I’m going to take a plane by myself and find him. And then during the times when he’s busy, I’ll travel solo too(Okay, this isn’t actually confirmed at all yet. I need mom’s approval first.)

There are lots of different places I want to go and different things I want to do. For example, I’m going to save some money for when I go to Shibuya 109, since I’ve never been there beforeBut there are places I’d really like to return to, like my beloved Nekobukuro

Well that’s that I wanted to say today! I’m really grateful that I have an opportunity like this. I’ll make use of the time wisely, and not do anything stupid like last time

Two pictures today:

Really colourful ice cream! They called it Superman flavour but it’s actually raspberry.

A caricature someone drew of me (*^▽^) I can’t decide if it looks like me or not.


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