Tokyo Girls’ Style in Singapore

The week ended on an amazing note

I went out with Bon (she studied, I read a book), made a nicer batch of muffins, met a good Japanese friend of the family’s, and saw one of my favourite groups from Japan. Everything added up to hours and hours of euphoria

Thursday was the date with Bon

On Friday I didn’t do anything relevant so I’m just going to skip that.

As for yesterday, many very relevant things happenedThe day didn’t start out well at all. I had a problem of wanting to be in two different places at the same time—Mieko-san (remember her?) was in Singapore, and so was Tokyo Girls’ Style. I badly wanted to be there for both, but my mom insisted at first that I shouldn’t go to see TGS at all. And I admit I kicked up a fuss because of that

In the end, everything was fine. My mom and I went out with Mieko-san for lunch, and after that I went to find TGS. It made me feel stupid for being such a whiner about everything, and I decided Mieko-san should always have the first priority. I accepted that I may not get to meet TGS at all, but guess what? Mieko-san said she wanted to take nap back at her hotel before dinner so I was free to go off on my own. Yep

She’s really one of the nicest adult friends I’ve ever had

And so kind too. She bought me a yukata as a gift

We went to her hotel room to try it on because I didn’t know how to do it properly.

Thank you so much I’m really glad I got to go out with her because she comes to Singapore so rarely, and she’s one of the few adults that I actually have fun with.

After meeting Mieko-san, I went to catch TGS’s live event Since I missed the first performance, I was rushing so that I could see their second and final one.

And you know what? Something amazing happened!

During my walk to the shopping centre…

I walked past Tokyo Girls’ Style and their manager

They were on their lunch break, so they were walking away from the shopping centre. It took me two seconds to realise who they were, and then because I was too excited, I backpedaled and followed them My friends came over after I told them, so we waited outside the café they were eating at.

We’re such stalkers.

But they noticed us, and they turned around to smile at us a few times

When they came out we approached themThey were rushing to get back in time for the performance, so they couldn’t sign anything or take photos. But they were still really kind to us

I said to Hitomi “ganbatte ne!” and she replied me with a smile and “arigatou!” It was especially great because she’s my favourite member, and she had such a sweet smile.

They hurried off (actually, they jaywalked haha) and we rushed back as well.

So that was the incredible encounter we had with them exclusively

Their live performance was brilliant. They sang and danced so well that I was really impressed and proud of them Proud, because there were many people who stopped to watch them! Also, thank you so much Bon, Michi and Ame for saving a seat for me~

They sang five songs, including my favourite Ganbatte Itsudatte ShinjiteruDuring Onnaji Kimochi the fans got up to dance along. And we yelled all the way

The best part was the contact TGS made with all the fans. They smiled and waved, and not just at us in front of them but at the people on the upper level as well I managed to get waves from Hitomi and Mei and Yuri, because I was on their side of the stage. Hitomi waved at me and Michi several times! I think they remembered us at the stalkers from earlier.

When the performance finished they went around the stage giving out flyers for the Budokan live to everyoneThis helped the fans to have a lot of direct contact with them. Mei gave me my flyer During this time, I took pictures of Hiichan, Mei and Miyu! They posed for me when I asked, so I thought that was really nice of them. They’re incredibly cute

At the end of it all, we managed to send them off all the way to the taxi stand. Yuri and Miyu had already left, but the others were still waiting. Even in the taxi, Hitomi and Mei waved at us and let us take more pictures.

Ayano was also waiting with her managers, so I got a picture as well

I think I said “otsukaresama deshita!” and “bye bye!” to the girls way too many times. But I wanted to send them off with a warm feeling

I’m so glad that I was able to see them in the end. I’ve liked them a lot since their debut, and now I love them even more. Especially because they were so friendly to us

TGS〜 I love you


That was a long postIt reminds me of the time I met S/mileage. Now I just hope I’ll be able to meet all my other favourite groups, especially ℃-ute.

There’s hope

See you in the next post!


2 Responses to “Tokyo Girls’ Style in Singapore”

  1. 1 Frothy (@Frothy_boy) January 6, 2013 at 4:59 PM

    Hello from Australia 🙂
    My name is Neil/ or frothy on Twitter.
    Now I only speak English & understand nothing of Japanese, but I enjoy their music..isn’t that odd 🙂

    I was searching TGS blogs & I get to this one.

    I also am a great fan of the girls, even though I am quite old (50) I buy their CD’s & even have their 2013 calendar o the wall.

    I must say how very lucky you are to meet & chat with the girls.
    Most weekends I watch their Ustream channel, where Satake-san sends like video to the world.

    I remember I watch both days, of this 2 day event.
    Australia is only 2 hours ahead, so I am in a good timezone. (unless they do a late concert Friday/Saturday nights)

    You take some really nice photos & even help them to the taxi.

    Yesterday Jan5th 2013, the TGS girls film their new MV live for the UST camera. They were in some kind of rock quarry.
    Miyu-chan was the only girl to arrive @ 8am- the others were late and “forgot”.. and came shortly after.

    It was scheduled to be completed at 2pm. But when I came home from dinner here, it was in darkness and they were setting for another shot/scene.

    Someone in the UST chatbox said they “must finish by sunset”, but it was a full 12 hour day & ended at 8pm. So very cold for the girls.
    The song played back to them for the filming was Yakusoku (promise)

    Getting back to Singapore, did you hear Mei say (I think on the 2nd day) in English, that her English teacher back in Japan was from Singapore!!

    The crowd went crazy!

    Best wishes & they may visit your area again soon I hope.


    Best wishes
    Neil/ Frothy_boy

    • 2 Miu January 7, 2013 at 7:40 PM

      Hello and thank you for the comment! Nice to meet you (^^)

      I don’t think it’s odd, their music should be enjoyed by anyone regardless ♪ Yes I was really glad to have met them! They were really nice girls, and so talented to. I’m looking forward to seeing more from them (^o^)

      Best wishes!

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