The exams have ended! 

I immediately felt refreshed when it was over ☆ That’s a huge load off my shoulders. Now I think I can spend more time relaxing. There’s no school until the second semester, and that’s a month or so away What a fabulous feeling.

It’s the end of the first semester in this school. Four months have gone by—it feels like it’s been forever even though time passed so quickly. (tsk such a cliché feeling) In four months I was able to make great friends, and get exposed to a different sort of school culture. I’m enjoying it Of course there were a lot of things I didn’t enjoy like the mad rush of assignments and exams and whatnot, but you can’t ever have an easy life anyway.

After the exam, we went out to eat at Chomp Chomp, a food centre near my home 

We shared the food. I also bought tapioca for myself because I love tapioca.

After that we went to eat ice cream and just chill out  We went to Udders, where my friend previously had a part time job at. It’s a pretty nice place, and there were walls for us to draw on. So of course we drew on them.

It was good ice cream, haha. Now I feel like I ate a lot today  But I think it’s okay to be a glutton when you eat with friends  During the holidays I’d probably stay at home most of the time, so I’d just be eating home food. That feels safe.

Good times with good friends! (There were only five photos with friends so I just put mine there, sorry.)

I’m going to sleep now. During late nights I always get a book to read myself to sleep, it’s comforting.And since there aren’t anymore exams, I can have a peaceful sleep too ♪ Tomorrow is the first day in a long while I can sleep in and not do anything! But I think I’m just going to watch Pretty Little Liars. Guilty pleasures that I don’t have to be guilty about anymore

During the holidays I’m going to try and blog more


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