Study break at 11.35pm

It’s amazing how I was able to study until now. Usually I K.O. after a short while  But then again, the subjects I’m studying this time aren’t entirely dull. Better than equations, I always say.

Today I had my first exam! It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t fantastic either. It felt like a B—but then when I feel that way I usually end up getting something worse. I’d like a B at least, please My GPA hasn’t been in good health lately.

I studied relatively hard for this exam tooYesterday I went back to school just to study in the library again. This time I picked a quieter spot, so it was nicer to study in. The best part is I eventually got the whole row to myself.

And I discovered a way to get myself to concentrate…I listen to the rain Not literally. I go to Youtube and listen to 75 minutes of thunder and rain. Maybe it sounds strange, but it really does work for me because I feel like I’m in my own cosy world. And then if I want to feel melodramatic I just open a new tab and play some depressing piano music over the rain.

So far it’s working out fine for me

After today’s exam, I stayed back in the library to study with my friend for a few hours ☆ We found a somewhat dark corner for ourselves, so it fit great with my rain and thunder. Fabulous study environment, really.

The photo with her was botched, but it turned out surprisingly cute and she liked it

Ah well. Wednesday is my last exam, and then I’ll be free for a while I’m already getting into the holiday mood because we’ve ended lessons for the semester. Sleeping in is a beautiful process.

For now I have to keep studyingstudy


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