Everyday feels the same in some way to me—school, eat, sleep, school, eat, sleep, repeat until semester ends.

I think I’m slowing down in everything else (*´Д`)

I haven’t been writing in this blog, writing my stories, keeping up with all the H!P news and whatnot…and whatever else I usually did in my free time. It’s not like I don’t have any free time at all, but when I have the opportunity I just go online or flop onto my bed. I procrastinate even when it comes to things I love (ノ∇・、)

Still, exams are coming soon. When they’re over, I can relax a bit(*´ー`)

In the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of ups and downs (a euphemism for mood swings, ho-hum) and it’s made me think about a lot of things. Sometimes I felt grateful for everything, and sometimes I just felt like setting something on fire. Everyone gets like that, don’t they? (´・_・`)

I won’t let anymore people decide what I should do, or how I should behave. I’m not saying I won’t try to please everyone—but if it still isn’t enough, then that’s all I can do. I want to do things because I want to do it for myself or others, not because I’m forced to.


Enough babbling anyway, it’s a bit irrelevant but I just had to get it all out.

Highlights of the past weeks ☆

My friends and I went to Gardens by the Bay again to take pictures for our assignment σ(゚ー^*) Since I borrowed my brother’s DSLR, it was fun taking pictures.

I’m still an amateur, but I really liked the feeling of snapping away with the DSLR (*・∀<*) It makes me want to go out during the holidays just to take photos in random places. Yup, I think I’ll do that ♪

Also, did you know how fabulous the colour of cotton candy ice cream is?

It’s so pretty (⌒囗⌒) Initially I wanted to try the more uncommon flavours like peaberry or lavender, but cotton candy was too irresistible.

Mmmm (○`〜´○)

Going out for an assignment is a good excuse to relax too. Unlike Wednesday, when my class had our first formal presentation (゚д゚)

We had to speak in front of two teachers, so I was a little worried about how I’d do( ̄O ̄) In the end it was fine though. I’m glad I had a great group to work withヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)

That’s one big obstacle done with! Phew ε-(;-ω-`A)

Sooo. In today’s news…

I ate a butter and seaweed sandwich.

I know the ingredients sound questionable, but it actually tastes good. Two slices of bread, a lump of butter and some nori seaweed in the middle(*´▽`*)

Well then~ ヾ(*・∀・)/


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