Late at night

I just got home from a musical at my old school (●´□`●)

It’s rare for me to be back home at this hour (´・ω・`) So I’m really tired now. But it’s worth it because I had a good time going back to my secondary school and seeing my close friends. Also, I willingly wore a dress for the second time in my life.

I really am not good at this.

The school musical is staged only once in four years, so it’s pretty special! The next time I can go for it will be when I’m 21 years old. Huh ( ̄∇ ̄;)

So it’s a good thing I got to go for this one today ☆ Going back to school feels just right.

Now that I’m home, I’m really hungry (・_・。) I had a lot of good food the past two days, and now I want to eat them all over again.

Just today I had a red velvet cupcake ♪

Red Velvet Cupcake

It was my first time eating something that’s red velvet flavoured! I still don’t know why it’s called red velvet. But it was really good so that doesn’t matter, the cream cheese icing on top was excellent. ★

For dinner I had vegetable pot pie. It’s a fast heat-up-in-the-oven meal because I had to go for the musical, but it still came out well (*・∀-)

And then yesterday I ate even more. I went out with one of my best friends so we had to have a good meal together ✿ A good but cheap meal, so we had oden.

When I was in Japan I got oden a lot of times from the convenience marts! They were really the best thing back then because getting something hot and nice-smelling is fantastic in the cold weather. I want to go back there! Of course, I still enjoyed my oden here with my friend (*´ー`)

We had egg sushi too!

And banana chocolate crepe for a small dessert.

I also bought my beloved milk toast, but the picture I took came out really unattractive so I don’t want to post it. Next time I’ll definitely buy some again anyway (`▽´)


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