Back from Camp!

I’m back after three days (‐^▽^‐) I realised how much I love air conditioning and my bathroom. But then I also love trekking through the muddy forest and being around people, so that’s okay.

And breakfast was nice!

On the second day we went to Pulau Ubin for games, which is a little nearby island. I got attacked by mosquitoes (´ω`。) But it was still fun! There was a lot of running around and jumping across branches and mud, so it was perfect. The outdoors is really great fun ♪ And okay, I may have imagined myself being in The Hunger Games while weaving through a particularly dense patch of trees.

Area clear of tracker jackers, please proceed

It was a great experience! I really learnt a lot, and I was able to make new friends. That’s a relief, because I didn’t know anyone in my group at first ( ・ ω ・`) Also, when I returned home I opened the fridge to find a glorious array of flapjacks. MMMM.

Also as I write this, my dad just delivered a box of castella from his Japanese colleague.


It’s not a great picture, but that’s because 0.0001 seconds after this my dad hacked off a slice. So I did too (・3・) Castella is so fluffy and sweet, I could eat the whole thing if I wanted to! But I only ate one slice. What promising self control I have.

Yup ( ・ ω ・ )

After this is I have two more camps! They’re orientation camps at my new school, so I’m really excited to make friends and get to know the schoolヾ(*・∀・)/ With that, my loooong holiday is drawing to an end. It seems like years ago that I was still reeling from the happiness of finishing O levels. Now my precious holiday is finishing. But I’m looking forward to school, so it isn’t a bad feeling (・▽・) Also, April is going to a month full of ℃-ute MVs every day. What’s not to love? ♥

At any rate, please watch my new dance cover (> ▽・)/


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