Pocket Morning (Apple Cake Ver.) Vol 5


Tomorrow I’m going for a Japanese lunch buffet with two of my best friends for a treat ♡ Until then, here’re 10 questions again.

The festival season is starting. What kind of food will you eat at the food stalls?

Taiyaki because it’s my favourite ☆ In fact, I think I’d eat everything.

Please tell us your lucky number.

I don’t have one, but my favourite number is 15 ( ・ ω ・ ) I’m not sure why, but it sounds cool.

You’re two hours late! But if you apologize in a cute way, I’ll forgive you!

Yurushite nyan Somehow it might come out fake if I try that (´ω`。) Let’s go with plain old sincerity ♪

On what occasions does your tension go up?

It always goes up when I’m caught in the middle of something exciting! Laughing with my friends, standing in front of S/mileage…and then I’d end up going crazy and saying the stupidest stuff.

Imagine you’re alone in an elevator when it suddenly stops, the lights go down, and you’re left in darkness. What would you do?

I’d be scared but I wouldn’t freak out because that would look really unattractive if there was a camera. I think I’d just press the alarm button!

Has there been any moment that made you think, “Maybe I’m a genius?”

Whenever my prediction comes true!

What animal would you want to ride?

A flying horseヽ(´▽`)/ That’s more fun than a horse on the ground, right?

“These two things actually go well together!” Please think of a combination of two such foods.

Rice and gravy. Unless it’s yellow rice, I can’t eat it without gravy!

How do you cheer yourself up? If you have any good methods, please let us know.

Usually I just play happy music and dance. It makes me feel good. Or if it’s something troubling, I talk to a close friend and confide in her ( ´ ▽ ` ) When there’s something bad bottling up inside, it’s best to let it out to someone you trust.

Is there any situation or thing that makes you think “I’m still a child”?

When people don’t understand me the first time, I get impatient. That’s childish, and not a good thing (´・ ω ・`)


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