Today I went to sing karaoke with my friend ☆ It’s been a while!

We had lots of fun singing Hello! Project and other Japanese songs! I love singing, but I’m not good at it. I should sing karaoke more often to practise, but then it’s expensive (´_`。)


In karaoke, my favourite songs to sing are always Aitai Lonely Christmas (℃-ute), Kiss Me Aishiteru (℃-ute) and Natsu Dakara (Buono!) ♡ They’re actually just the songs that I tend not to butcher.


There’s still a few weeks before I start at my new school! Since I shouldn’t be wasting too much time, I’ve been doing SAT vocabulary exercises and writing lots. It’s not really much, but then it makes me feel better about lazing around for so long ( ̄▽ ̄) I’ve stopped my part time job for now, so I really have nothing else to do. Of course, I’ve been going out quite a bit ( ・ ω ・`)

It’s terrible how I spend my earnings so fast. I need to make sure I save most of it! (says the girl who has plans for a movie, a buffet, and more karaoke in the coming week)


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