Lunch Date ☆

Lunch date with one of my best friends Bon today!

We ate at our beloved yong tau foo stallヽ(^◇^*)/ And for dessert, frozen yogurt. Omnom.

Mine’s the one with chocolate wafers sunk in the cold glory of frozen yogurtヽ(´▽`) Froyo is delicious but not fattening, so it’s an excellent snack when you’re hungry. Of course, if you really want it to be fat-free then don’t put chocolate wafers in it ( ・ ω ・ )

Together we bought a present for our friend’s birthday!

Since we don’t often get to meet, I’m so glad that I got to have lunch with Bon(*^・^)It’s really fun to be able to laugh and talk together, and even go through embarrassing processes to buy a present together. But that’s just one of the many fun moments ☆ I want to go out together again soon!


Today I filmed another dance cover.

It’s a special one, sort of: Mobekimasu new members’ dance and Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku!

Since that was the opening of the Hello! Project 2012 WINTER concert (Funky-chan), the intense energy that the girls had inspired me. So tada, I tried my best to learn it (´▽`*;)

Annotations are fun.

Anyway as usual, it’s far from being technically perfect but I had fun with the dance and song sequence. Haha ★ It took me a lot of takes to get that final result too! I’m always messing up one way or another. In one of the takes I actually rolled over my ankle during the kick part and I became a foetus for five minutes.

Original footage has been discarded and burnt.

Other than that, everything went okay so please watch my videoヾ(*・∀・)/

Today’s dance outfit!


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