Deep into my Cave of a Bag

Someone on Formspring asked me what I had inside my bag, so here’s a post about it.

What a girly kind of post, except I’m not a very girly person. How unfortunate ( ・ ω ・`) No matter. Nothing much has been happening lately so I decided to use it as a filler post.

*tips out bag*

By the way, this is what my bag looks like! It’s scruffy.

It’s just white and black so I save myself the trouble of clashy colours (・3・)

And then what’s inside? Ho-hum.

Most important stuff. MONEY My wallet, with all the essentials. ☆ I bought it because it looked like a piano.

And then my journal and trusty pen. Occasionally I get the urge to write at the most random of places and times, so it’s good to keep it with me. Besides, this way I can be assured that there are no illegitimate readers ( ´ ▽`)/

An unattractive tangle of purple…

I bring scrunchies in case I suddenly need themヾ(*・∀・)/ These were exclusively selected for their appearances because I’m picky like that.

Precious Mapape clips! The only thing is that I’m terrified of losing them because there isn’t any way I can get them again. I’ve lost a lot of things before. My phone, my wallet, my house card, my brain…

And that’s all that’s inside my bag. Conclusion?

I’m not an interesting person. (;_;)


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