Bloody Monday

What an eventful day today! It was supposed to be a normal work day, but in the middle there was a little incident involving me walking around dripping blood and looking for bandages.

This is what I posted on my facebook about what happened in 10 simple steps (and got a complaint from my friend, I’m sincerely sorry):

1. Hand accidentally swipes (hard) down scotch tape dispenser blade.
2. “Ow, a scratch.”
3. ‘Scratch’ starts gushing blood.
5. Go to salon next door for medical assistance. Get turned away. Bleed on their floor for an awkward moment.
6. Run to nearby clothing store. Kind lady shows concern and offers only available medical assistance in the form of tissue paper. Kind enough to excuse my (unintentional) bleeding on floor.
7. Bleed down six levels to info counter. Bleed apologetically at counter while concierge hastily finds gauze. Get directed to clinic at next door shopping mall.
8. Walk into dental clinic by accident. Walk out.
9. Finds real clinic.
10. Finally gets proper medical assistance in the form of glue.

That’s what happened( ̄ー ̄)

And this is the photographic evidence.
If you can’t stand the sight of blood then please don’t continue reading ( ・ ω ・ ) It’s not a lot of blood but I know some people who don’t like it.

“Hey this isn’t a scratch”

This was taken after I got gauze from the concierge and went back upstairs to lock the shop before finding the clinic.

It really was dripping everywhere! The doctor said it was because I cut into a vein. I’m truly sorry to the people whose stores I got blood on (´_`。) There wasn’t anything for me to do but keep apologising. Also, the clothing store lady who offered me her concern and tissues really touched me. She told me to take care of myself a lot of times, so I made sure I went back to thank her when I was done cleaning my hand up (。・ω・。)

People were really staring thoughヾ(。 ̄□ ̄)ツ Well, not surprising when a girl with blood on her face and leg and hands and phone (texting all the way) drips past you. I’m sorry too to the people I startled (・へ・; ) I must have looked like a mess. But that’s just how much blood there was. I didn’t even know I had so much blood in my hands! Maybe I’m too full of love ♥ (yeah I didn’t get the link either)

There were people who showed concern for me, thank you ☆

In the end, it turned out it wasn’t so bad at all.

A scar might look pretty cool, I think.

( ̄▽ ̄)

My pain threshold is decently high, so I was able to tolerate it. Except when I started bleeding on my phone, then I started running ( ・ ω ・`)

I know it was sort of stupid taking all those photos of my bloody hands. But I’m weird like that.

Also I posted this in the ‘Everyday Life’ category…but I don’t want it to be everyday life ( ̄□ ̄;)


2 Responses to “Bloody Monday”

  1. 1 Kumi February 22, 2012 at 7:19 AM

    OUCH! I hope you heal soon! You are brave for taking photos like that.

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