Japan: Day Six (Final) ☆

Five days in Japan already? Felt like five seconds to megirl cry

Day Six was going to be spent in Odaiba before heading to the airport! As I mentioned in the previous post, I’d never been to this part of Tokyo before so I was looking forward to going around the attractions.

Odaiba is famous for their modern attractions like the Venus Fort shopping mall and Joypolis!

They have fantastic views too.

We headed to Aqua City, a huge shopping mall, in the morning.

The first thing I saw was the Statue of Libraryneko

What’s it doing in Tokyo? It’s a replica! Good enough for someone like me who has never seen the original before.

Venus Fort was spectacular! It’s made in medieval style, so you feel like you’re in Rome or somewhere similar when you enter. The ceilings are all decorated to look like a sky.

Before my trip, I’d discovered a service where you could rent dogs at Venus Fort and I was extremely excited about that…until I found out that the service no longer existednekoVenus Fort had a large section on the first floor devoted to pets, but only a pet store, a pet clothing boutique and training park remained. I’d gotten more and more excited as I saw more designer puppies trotting down the shopping mall with their humans, only to discover I couldn’t rent any.

Oh well, I had a lot of fun at the pet shop looking at the puppiesheheIs there a reason why the puppies and kittens I saw in Japan were infinitely cuter than any others I’ve ever seen?

(This was the same place Mai, Chisa and Nakky visited in Hello Pro! Time)

Tiny puppies sprawled all over their compartments!

I LOVE THIS ONE. Before this it was being dried with a hairdryer after its bath.

It kept trying to lick me through the glass ♥

This is the second time I’m spamming photos of animals. But they’re cute, so it’s okayshyThe puppies were the cutest things ever. I spent a good half hour there looking at all of them and wishing I could just pluck one out.

Even though I couldn’t rent a dog, I loved seeing the puppies.

Our train to the airport was due in a short while, so we didn’t have time to shop around for much longer. There were so many clothing stores, but everything was so expensivemehSeriously, one day I have to save up and go to Tokyo purely to shop. (and sleep in hostels and eat cup noodles)

We said goodbye to our hotel and headed to the station after that! I felt pretty sad because in a few hours I wasn’t going to be in Japan anymore. Nostalgia was hitting me hard, and I hadn’t even left the country yet.

Dad’s proof that I eat like a pig even on the train.

At the airport, we did some last minute gift shopping! There was a Tsutaya there selling loads of magazines and CDs, but I had majorly overspent on this trip so I didn’t feel like I should buy anything more.

When we started boarding the plane, I didn’t feel like flying home at all. The past six days had been insanely fun, extraordinaryーeverything that I expected and more. I spend so many days at home living at the Internet and wishing I could be in Japan; spending a week there was a huge blessing and I’m hugely grateful to my parents for bringing me there. There’s just so many things in Japan that I love, and breathing in their culture for myself is one of the greatest experiences ever.

S/mileage, the maid cafe, cute animals, Kyoto and everything and everyone else that let me enjoy myself so much…I’ll always remember everything!

Next goal: Save up for my own trip there!

See you again, Japan!


Thank you so much for reading my Japan ☆ posts! Even though I took so long. Really, thank you!

7 Responses to “Japan: Day Six (Final) ☆”

  1. 1 stellosphere January 15, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    The puppies are so cuuuute!
    Good luck for saving up money for the next trip.
    I had fun reading your articles & I’ll keep following your blog =)

  2. 3 Hagitty January 15, 2012 at 6:13 PM

    Very cute the dogs !
    Your stay in Japan was great. I also loved to read it ❤

    Wow, it's amazing that you are party to the same place as Maimai, Chisato & Nakky! ♥

    Too bad you did not see the C-ute.

    But I'm sure you will keep excellent memories of your little vacation in Japan. ~

  3. 6 Hagitty January 17, 2012 at 5:14 PM

    Arigatou ! ♥
    It’s adorable, I like very much !

  4. 7 fluffybunnydesu June 5, 2015 at 6:07 AM

    Adorable to re-read your previous Holiday experiences〜

    I love your Wonderful Blog〜It’s always from the heart which makes for a truly enjoyable and engaging read every time!

    Japan: Day Five OOTD〜Hair bow×clips〜So cute!

    Thanks as always!

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