Japan: Day Four ☆

Tomorrow I’m getting my O levels results. The O levels that I wrote/whined about for months last year. I have no idea what to expect…but whatever it is I’ll still post about my Japan trip tomorrow!

Back to Japan!
(I wish)

Day Four was spent in Kyoto! Mieko-san and her friend brought us aroundlove girl

Today’s outfit!

Breakfast first!

I had scrambled eggs, potato salad and…what’s that? Squid ink bundiet nekoThe black part of the bun was coated in squid ink or something. But it tasted absolutely normal.

Day Four was going to be purely sightseeing! I didn’t do as much research for Kyoto as I had for Tokyo, because Mieko-san and her friend were taking us aroundneko

The first stop was Kinkakuji…the famous Golden Pavilionkirakira

It really was golden! I mean, I knew that. But it was even shinier than I expected. People were crowding all over to take pictures. I took lots of shots too! (of the same thing, but still)

I received a mini history lesson while I was therehurhurThe place is huge! I can’t imagine one family living there. Mine would probably go nuts.

After Kinkakuji, we visited Kiyomizudera Temple! It’s stuck on the mountain, so we walked all the way up because there were really interesting and old-fashioned streets leading up to it. It was cold, so Mieko-san bought hot senbei for us to crunch onheart

Warm and crispy

We had lunch on the way! Mieko-san’s friend knew of a tofu restaurant, and it was supposed to be good fine-dining. That’s how I knew it was going to be a small lunchlaugh

‘Fine’ dining has a double meaning.

It was fun though! The tofu came in its own bathtub ♪ We scooped them out for each other. Somehow I think it made the tofu taste nicer.

There were several tiny courses, and the tofu dishes were even more delicious than I thoughtI’ve never gone to a restaurant like this before, so it was really interesting. It had a traditional setting too, with tatami flooring and all. It made me feel like I should kneel and eat, but Mieko-san told me I didn’t have to.

After lunch, we continued on to Kiyomizudera! Mountains have great ambience.

Sun rays!

After walking around the temple, we went back down again the lovely shopping streetkiraCome to think of it, the shopkeepers have to trek up and down the mountain everyday. Oh my.

Spotted a giant Totoro and Jiji!

And something else very cute…

Samurai dog?

It actually had its own mini sword. The owner let a lot of people take his picture, so I snapped lots of photos of him too.

Japanese pet owners can be really interesting when it comes to kitting their animals out. I just hope that sword wasn’t too heavy for the dog’s back.

Our party visited Shinkyogoku after that! Shinkyogoku is a great shopping street with lots of modern shops and arcadeskirakiraI went to the arcade and took purikura with Mieko-san and her friend!

Outside the arcade we found AKB48 gashapon too. Mieko-san helped me get a Mayuyu badgeShy

Individual member gashapon machines

Shinkyogoku had a great selection of Japanese street food too…takoyakiLove

The takoyaki chefs are really good at doing itkira kiraOver the takoyaki batter just sort of dribbles and remains like that…the Japanese chef tucks everything in until the takoyaki are round and perfect.

*tuck tuck*

More shopping at Shinkyogoku! The fashion stores are amazinglove rabbitI love everything about Japanese fashion. I mean, everything except the prices.

A long sleeved T-shirt from CHU XXX ↓

A hair accessory that’s suppose to curl the tip of your fringe upwardskira(The model reminds me of Takamina)

I also managed to find those big clips that I’ve always wanted ♪

For dinner that night, we had ramen! Bamboo shoots and wakame seaweed, yum. The portion was really generous too; even I got full after finishing it.

With extra bamboo shoot slices!

And that was Kyoto! Kyoto’s really different from Tokyoーa lot less busy, with a simple and rustic atmosphere. Even though I’d never been there before, I fell in love with its charm ☆ I didn’t see any maiko or geisha, but I was able to see many other beautiful things that belong only to Kyoto. For that, I’m grateful to Mieko-san because she brought us around and it made a huge differencegirl

Day FiveーBack to Tokyo! And a maid cafe…?


5 Responses to “Japan: Day Four ☆”

  1. 1 stellosphere January 8, 2012 at 3:02 PM

    Aaah can’t wait for Day 5! Never been in a maid cafe but I don’t know if I’d like that xDD
    In Japan, I have only been in Tokyo. Next time, I want to visit Kyoto and other areas too!
    Hair clips are cute!

    I don’t really like pets but the dog is cute xD

    • 2 Apple Cake January 9, 2012 at 12:27 AM

      You’ll find out! XD I enjoyed myself a lot 😉
      Tokyo’s my first love, but the other cities look fun too ~
      Yeah, I love the hair clips 😀

      And that proves the dog is insanely cute ❤

  2. 3 Hagitty January 8, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    I like your summer in Japan ♥

    You are very beautiful ♫
    Kawaaii DogDog ><

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