It’s the Weekend!

The weekend is here ♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪

With that, I have successfully completed 55 hours in a week at my part time job. Even though it was generally exhausting and I’m glad I can relax now, I don’t regret anything about the past week. I had a lot of fun, and I loved working(●^U^●)

I know I was complaining about it the last time. But that was just the first day, I didn’t really know it’d be better than I expected( ´^ー^`) Mostly, it was because I managed to make friends with the people working at the booths next to mine. They were mostly girls around my age, so I was able to talk to them and have a good time(*^ワ^*)That’s a huge relief, because I was so sure I’d be lonely for five days.

As I said before, I guess the stuff in my shop was interesting to look at too. I’ve gotten quite fond of some of the stuffed toys there actually (・3・)

Like the Elmo-Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty-Elmo.

Kapibara santasan!

My beloved Rilakkuma ☆

My beloved Rilakkuma ☆

…which later became the Last Bear-bender.

Giant Elmo kept me company too ☆

But I still prefer Rilakkuma as my dinner date ♡

Okay, enough spam ( ̄▽ ̄;) Basically, these were my fluffy companions as well.

Aside from my human friends and doll friends, I had a lot of interaction with different customers as well ☆ Because this time I’m at the ground floor instead of the main store upstairs, there are a lot more people who will always walk past. That’s why the shop was always so busy (´-ω-`;)ゞ

There were many different people that I came acrossーfriendly customers, funny customers, indifferent customers, even the occasional rude one. The one thing that I loved to do most was to welcome them into the store. I must have said “Hi, welcome ~” hundreds of times, but it made me feel really good when I welcomed someone in with a smile(*^ワ^*)To me, friendliness is one of the most important things. Even if a customer only comes in for a few seconds, it feels like it makes a difference when I show some genuine warmth. And the best thing is when the customer smiles and greets me in return, it makes me really happy(´ω`*)

Maybe I’m simple like that, but I greatly appreciate every one of these kind gestures, even if it’s just a smile ★

This week’s given me a lot of experience and insights, I’m happy that I was able to do a full week of work! 11 hours straight being the boss of my own little booth, I really enjoyed it ♫

And I found my new favourite food.

Beautiful golden Baklavas, begging to be eaten

I fell in love with Baklavas! They’re small pastries, really sweet and yummy (and expensive)! My friend’s booth next to mine sells lots of them, and they always have samples out on the table so I tried it. I’d never known there were such delicacies before, so I was mindblown. SUCH GOODNESS IN SMALL SAMPLES. I bought a little box yesterday for my family to try ( ・ ω ・ )

I don’t work until my boss calls me up, and even so the booths will be closing in two weeks time when the Christmas season is over. Plus I’ll be flying overseas to Japan right after Christmas (・3・) Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to the next time I work.

Anyway, for today’s random update!

I bought Popteen.

Popteen (Taiwan version)

P.S. Today’s shoutout goes to the awesome ALFRED WU. ♡ Because he asked for it


2 Responses to “It’s the Weekend!”

  1. 1 Cheryl October 22, 2012 at 12:03 AM

    Hi there, may I know if Kapibara santasan is still available and where I can get him?

    Thank you!!

    • 2 Apple Cake October 24, 2012 at 9:09 AM

      Hi! The Kapibara was from Bon Japan. They had others too, but I’m not sure if they still have the santasan. Hope that still helps! (^o^)

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