Recently I got a haircut (^-^)/ Well actually it was just my bangs. A bangs cut(●^皿^●)I want the rest of my hair to grow longer, so I’ll leave it for now. ♪ Meanwhile, my bangs are growing longer and longer so I need to snip at them every once in a while. On Tuesday I went to the hairdresser and told her I wanted bangs. It was over in five minutes.

(  -ω-)

Last year I actually brought a picture of Airi and told the hairdresser I wanted my bangs cut like that. The result = nothing that I expected at all ( ̄□ ̄;) Since then I’ve never bothered to bring a model picture for them to follow. I guess I shouldn’t add to the pressure of having to copy a specific style.

Anyway (・3・)

Lately I’ve started to play the piano again for fun. ♪ When I was young I had lessons, but I stopped when I was 8 so I could do gymnastics. No regrets about that all, but sometimes I miss playing the piano (´⌒` ) Even though there’s a piano in my house, I stopped playing (mainly because I forgot most of my pieces).

But ( ̄▽ ̄)

Some time ago I received an AKB48 piano score book as a gift. Since exams are over now, I thought I should try to play again(●`・ω・´●)

So I tried.

I wonder how long it’ll take for me to catch up to the piano-playing me of the past.


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