Doraemon Cafe


I went out with one of my best friends todaykira kira

For a start, today’s coordinate! It’s inspired by Mai’s outfit here.

Anyway, the two of us visited the Doraemon Cafeーit’s not an actual cafe, but something like a pop up event that’s taking place in the Bonjapan shop. We’re Doraemon loverskirakira

The menu: (if you don’t want to have to squint at it)

1. Mini Assorted Dorayaki
2. Doraemon Choco Cup (I thought this was some sort of pudding but I was wrong)
3. Doraemon Candy (Also mistook this as a gummyーwrong again)
4. Fruity Pudding
5. Orange Soda

Choco cup

There was also a gift that came with the set, a toy Takecopter.

Small lunch, but it was goodnekoWe took our time to eat it because we were watching Doraemon episodes on the TV in the shop. When the meal was over, the staff passed around a drawing pad for customers to leave behind a message or drawing. So we both left behind our own doodlesdiet neko

i’m the one who used purple ink!

It was fun to look around the shop too. There were tons of Japanese candies and toys…I liked all the snacks the best. Especially the gummies! I wanted to buy everything but I didn’t have enough moneyneko

Riho popped up in my head again! Almost bought it, but then I realised it wasn’t a pack of gummies but hard sweets. And I don’t like hard sweetscry

We bought saku saku panda instead! They were chocolatey, and fun to eat. But the remaining two cookies in the box were stuck together and we couldn’t pry them apart without scraping theirs ears off. (how intimate)

After that, we went to another mall. First stop was at the cheap shopping streetkiraAnd you know, we were meant to be shopping for clothes. You can’t eat clothes so I thought I was safe. But when we were at the mall…

Baby castella!

There was a cart and everything selling truckloads of these! Complete with a choice of plain, strawberry, or chocolate…choosing plain was the only sensible choice I made that dayhurhur It was yummy though. Baby castella is one of my favourite Japanese treats.

Clearly most of the day was spent eating. But I walked a lot, so maybe the damage wasn’t so bad. I was really glad that I could spend a lot of time with my friend toolove girl

Best friend ♡

Tomorrow I’m going for the AKB48 concert!loveOne of my online friends is coming to Singapore and she’ll be going for this stage too. At first we arranged to meet before and after the concertーwe bought our tickets separately so it wasn’t certain that we’d get to sit next to each other. But it turned out that we both got the same rowhappyCan’t wait! See you tomorrow ♪



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