so tired that i just want to faceplant onto my bed now! now i’m supposed to be studying, but i just can’t concentrate. today was the additional math paper, it sucked_φ( ̄ー ̄ )

well it wasn’t that bad. i’m just not that confident about it (´・_・`) on the other hand, literature was a breeze ( ̄▽ ̄)

it’s only my second week of O levels, but i’m already getting all excited for the end. like really excited.

i want to shop for cheap clothes ☆ that’s my passion, yes.

and i’m definitely going to post more dances ♪(´ε` ) studying all the time gets me down, i really just want to get up and bounce around. for one of my upcoming dances, i’m going to go to *scape to do it because it can’t fit on my bed (・_・;

so many things i want to do! and i’ll be camping on the computer a lot as well. graphiccccs! i miss making them.

can’t do anything till after Os though ( ;´Д`)

meanwhile, these two can still afford to enjoy each other’s company in peace without the constant badgering worry of exams.



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